Jul 24, 2012

Toddler Tuesdays: The Power of Onsies

Last week we had a few rough mornings, the kind that have you running late and actually had me getting up earlier than normal to counteract the shenanigans London was up to that was the cause of these late mornings. No small feat for me these days, given sleep is pretty difficult and as interrupted as it is.

London’s shenanigans? The little stinker has been taking her pants and night-time diaper off sometime in the night and waking up in puddles, tacking on an extra 10 minutes to our already tight morning routine.
 In the last month we probably had 1 of these days every week or two. But last week we jumped to 3! By Friday, we were trying to come up with ways to combat this behavior. A friend suggested duct tape as this worked for a friend of hers, but Cameron and I worried about what could happen, coming up with what are probably crazy, irrational consequences and decided against it.

In a brief call with my dad, he jokingly suggested a jumpsuit. But that was enough to get the wheels turning. Cameron and I both thought of footed pajamas.

The biggest problem we could find with footed pajamas was that most are made from Fleece. And London is like us, she doesn’t like to be hot. At Daycare they keep mentioning that she takes her shoes off. What can I say? At home we are barefoot and out and about we prefer flip flops and sandals to closed-toed shoes. Even my work shoes tend to be peep-toed - and are only on when I am walking around. The Daycare doesn’t allow open-toed sandals, we have learned, so London only has sneakers to wear at school and I know this is part if the reason she gets hot and thus takes her shoes and socks off. Maybe next year I will look at some crocks for her, but for now she is stuck with sneakers.

The other problem we could see with footed PJs? The thin, cotton footed PJs could still be a bit warm for our little girl. It has been averaging around 105 degrees this last week and the evenings aren’t much cooler. London’s room gets the morning sun directly, and while her new blackout curtains have cut down on how warm it gets, the vent in her room has never worked great so it’s hard to cool that room off with the AC.

Our only viable solution, or so we thought? Find some cheap, footed PJs made of thin cotton, and cut the feet off and shorten the sleeves to be short. That way, it would be like she is wearing her short sleeved PJ tops and PJ bottoms. And we would be good until she either learned to use zippers successfully or until we could switch to the fleece PJs for winter.

Saturday, we headed out in search of such footed PJs. Instead, we found 24-month-sized onsies. Believe it or not, while London normally wears between 2T and 3T, she can still fit in these onsies, quite comfortably, since there are no legs. And with the buttons the way they are, London can’t get out of them! Plus we got 5 for $14! Plenty to get us through to the coming cooler months. We’ll even be able to use the pants from her old PJs this fall over the onsies. The pants can provide the warmth she may need but the onsies will protect her from getting her diaper off.

And, with three nights under our belts since implementing the onsies, London hasn’t woken up in a puddle and I haven’t had extra laundry on my hands. Last week, I did 3 loads for her alone – usually I just have one load on the weekend!

One other thing we have done to help was eliminate London's glass of milk before bed. We implemented this last Thursday so Thursday and Friday were rough getting London to go down but now she is content without it as long as she gets to rock with her daddy before bed.

~ Sarah

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