Jul 26, 2012

Office Remodel Update

Before the Insulation
While the office is still not complete, it’s almost there. My last update mentioned that Cameron had completed the foam insulation to help with noise. By the end of Father’s Day weekend he had finished putting up all the dry wall (minus the taping and spackling) and the Monday after Father’s Day we had the carpet installed! It was so nice to have the old, smelly carpet removed. Unfortunately, Melody had left her mark on it and while we cleaned each spot and steam vac’d the whole room several times, the damage had been done. And my super sensitive pregnant nose hated it by this time.

After Insulation. This took several cans and hours.
Plus, when we had the carpet installed, we also had a patch of carpet repaired in the family room. Jake had thrown up right where the carpet and the tile meet between the family room and kitchen and I didn’t get to it in time before Tulley discovered it and ate it, and the carpet with it, exposing those pain-inducing tack-strip nails. This happened when Tulley was a puppy and London wasn’t even born. We had a small area rug placed over the spot to try and save some pain, but I think Cameron, London and myself all found ways to find a nail with one of our feet here and there. The darn rug just wouldn’t stay put – London moving it or rolling it up didn’t help. And while we used a patch from the office carpet to try and match the sun bleaching that has occurred in 3 short years, it is still somewhat visible. But it does not bother me like the moving rug did. And Jake is doing his best to add some wear and tear to it by sleeping specifically on the patch! It’s right in the main walkway from the family room to the kitchen so it will blend soon enough. And we steam vac’d the family room recently which helped a lot.

Ok, back to the Office remodel. After the carpet was put in, I slowly got to work covering the nice new carpet with plastic paint drop cloths, taping them down, to protect it so Cameron could get the taping and spackling completed, which he has done. He’s even completed rounding the one corner in the room that required it. Of course, this is only for the inside of the office. The outside still has a ways to go.

Goodbye nasty carpet!

Goodbye Puppy Damage!
We also finally found a color to paint the rest of our house as we want the office to be the same color. Once Cameron gets the texture done inside we’ll go purchase some paint. My goal is to have the room complete by the end of the month, preferably with Cameron’s old office moved in. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is going to happen, given there is only one weekendsleft in the month that has us scheduled to be in Reno on Saturday and we are just too tired during the week. I wish I could help Cameron more but those darn fumes I would be exposed to. Only time will tell. I’m just antsy to get things done for London in the new room so we can move her, get her settled in there and then focus on getting things ready for Sydney. It’s not as much as I needed to get done for London, but there are still things to do and with my energy levels dipping lower and lower its going to take some time.

Hello patch

And new carpet! It smells sooo  much better
And who knows when the outside of the office will be done – probably not until Sydney is here and I have some energy.

All taped and spackled - on to sanding!

Cameron went through a giant bucket of puddy

And he only got halfway done with the spackling on the outside
~ Sarah

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