Jun 5, 2012

Toddler Tuesdays: Sympathy

London has started to progress more developmentally, particularly in terms of understanding when someone else is hurting. And she’s started to show signs of sympathy when someone else is hurt. Basically, she’s is grasping the concept that others have feelings too and maybe the world doesn’t totally revolve around her and her needs.

Example 1: I was sitting at the kitchen table next to her while she ate dinner. While adjusting I bonked my knee on the table leg and cried out in pain. London leaned over and put her arm behind my back and patted it, and nuzzled up to me while I cringed. I have to say it did make me feel better.

Example 2: Last Tuesday, after our busy Memorial Day weekend working on the front office I was feeling the extra activity I had put my body through. I was feeling achy and quite miserable, and wasn’t even sure if I was going to make it to work. Cameron was still in bed and I had brought London in to say goodbye. I was sitting on the bed next to Cameron and he was trying to comfort me. London noticed this and crawled over from where she was cuddling with Tulley to come cuddle me.

Example 3: So maybe it was her fault that I was almost in tears. I was sitting on the stairs for some reason, holding London by my side when something caught her eye and she moved her head quickly. This movement caught me off-guard and she clocked my right on the brow bone with her hard head. My dad was right there and witnessed London trying to comfort me after realizing she had hurt me.

Hopefully understanding that she can hurt others will teach London to not do things that hurt people, like hitting or kicking, and thus we can be a bit more proactive versus reactive to such occurrences and not have so many. I’m sure Cameron would love to teach her to not kick her legs out when she is in the shopping cart seat and he is pushing. All I can say is London has amazing aim and it does seem like she kicks on purpose just for a laugh.

~ Sarah

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