Jun 26, 2012

Toddler Tuesdays: Potty Training!

I have been slacking a little on getting ready to help London with the potty training. I know its coming and it’s definitely something I want to encourage, but at the same time seems like a giant mountain for us to tackle. That and we haven’t really been home on the weekends. But we will be this weekend, which means I have some reading to do this week. Any suggestions on where I should start?

We’re going to be home for a weekend just in time it seems. The daycare daily report yesterday was that London went in the potty twice at school yesterday. And when we got home from Costco last night? She went potty at home after telling me she needed to go! Whoo hoo!

Good thing we at least made the effort to purchase a step stool and inner toilet seat better suited to London’s tiny bottom last week at Target. I have also discovered having the smaller seat on the toilet deters Jake from using the toilet as a water bowl – I caught him actually drinking water from the proper bowl last night!

The one thing I feel I do need to get before this weekend are pull-ups. We have one more package of size 6 diapers to go through before we need more and I would prefer to use those first but I don’t think it’s in the cards. Good thing Sydney is on her way. At least I could store these diapers until she needs them.

Any tricks or tips out there?

On another note, I’ve discovered that London loves nectarines just as much as Cameron and I do. A perfect nectarine to us is one that has plenty of flavor but isn’t mushy. Last night I was eating a perfect one just brought home from Costco while we all watched Aladdin in bed. First Cameron stole a bite which grabbed London’s attention. Next thing I knew she had had half of it! And then this morning she grabbed one from the box on the table as we were leaving for school.

When we put the box in the basket last night, London kept calling them apples. Knowing the nectarine is a bit advanced for her right now, I tried to get her to call them peaches. Last night that did not seem to register and she continued to call them apples. But this morning when she spied them on the table she did call say Pea like she was trying to say peach so something stuck!

~ Sarah

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