Jun 19, 2012

Toddler Tuesdays: Make Believe

I recently read an email from one of the parenting web sites I subscribe to that said London should be entering the age where she can begin to make believe. Funny part was, when I read the email, London was already make believing for a month or two. And it is only more evident day by day.

One of the first things London started playing make believe with was her tea party set. She will bring you a tea cup and pour “tea” into it from the tea pot. It’s the cutest thing. One of the sets she has (she has 3 now) includes a plate with different shaped desserts, which she pretends to eat and then offers you a bite.

Just last night London was serving both Cameron and I cups of tea. London got really upset when Cameron tried to pour her some tea – London is also going through a phase of wanting to do everything herself! One of her favorite phrases to say is “I did it” even if she didn’t do anything!

London is also very much into baby dolls, and for the most part loves to nurture them. She’ll hold them up and pat them on the back, feed them a bottle, and push them around in her baby doll stroller. But her favorite thing to do is put them to “nite nite”. London will take a blanket and lay it over the baby doll…or Tulley… or me! And now she likes to play pretend nite nite with me where I pretend to put her to bed, back rub and all! It’s a riot.

We’ve also discovered that playing with baby dolls is the key to morning drop offs at daycare. As soon as Miss Jackie or I mention playing with baby dolls, London is out of my arms and into hers or on the ground running for them!

Morning drop offs are going much better – they are actually pretty quick these days, with only a few tears here and there. Miss Jackie also says that mornings with tears don’t last long at all and soon London is into the thick of things with the other kids. And Miss Betty’s report at the end of the day is that London has had a great day. And she looks like she is having fun when I peer through the classroom window before I go in to get her. Of course, she is always quite happy to see me when I do enter and she sees me.

~ Sarah

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