Jun 13, 2012

Pretty Toes

At one time in my life I was called PT by some friends. It stood for Pretty Toes. That’s because one night while out for a birthday in San Francisco, walking from the restaurant to the first bar of the night, a panhandler commented on my “pretty toes”. He was just about to ask us for money, obviously not proud of what he was doing as he kept his head down. My pretty toes distracted him and we were able to pass by with a simple thank you instead of giving him money or awkwardly trying to not give him money.

I also used to get pedicures and manicures regularly. I would get my nails done every two weeks and a pedicure once a month back then. And I’d give myself my own pedicure in between professional pedicures.

The professional services went away when we moved into our house and I got pregnant. And keeping up with taking care of my toes myself grew harder and harder as I grew bigger and bigger with London. I think my last real professional pedicure was Emily’s wedding, Labor Day weekend 2010! And my own maintenance has been very irregular as well. I’ve even, gasp, gone without any polish on my toes at all! The me that I was before I was a mom would be so disappointed.

The thing is, even though I don’t do much about it, it does still irritate me when my toes go into disarray and are not pretty. All the new colors and designs coming out really have me going nuts. I even have a pin board on Pinterest dedicated to pretty nails. And now, finally, I am slowly getting back into my habit again. I still haven’t pulled the soaking tub down from the top shelf of my closet, but soon I will, I hope. Only problem is, I don’t know how long my home pedicures can be kept up, given I have another growing belly getting in the way.

But, recently, I purchased an aqua green nail color to test out. Before, while I was known for pretty toes, I tended to stick to a glittery red or French tip look. At first I wasn’t sure the aqua green was good on me, but after less than a day with the new paint on, and I see the burst of color peeping through my work shoes, I am following in love. Now, what to try next!

~ Sarah

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