Jun 12, 2012

Office Remodel Update

Don’t worry, the office remodel didn’t come to a standstill over the past two weekends. Two Saturdays ago we had London's birthday party (more on that to come), but before London’s party, Cameron was able to get the large pieces of drywall up on the outside wall of the office that faces into the entryway. 

That Sunday, Cameron finished putting up all the drywall on the outside walls and started to fill the space with spray-foam insulation. We’re not so worried about keeping the heat in as we are about reducing noise transferring from one room to the other. He was able to finish the insulation later in the week and we started to drywall the inside yesterday.

The carpet is scheduled to go in on Monday, so we'll be working on completing the drywall and texturing the inside walls by then.

But already the office is feeling like a real room and is looks really good. We love the doors, as has everyone else that has seen them. And while we feared closing the room in would create a really long hallway, in some ways, it feels like the room is meant to be like that all along.

Creating the office has also gotten us to start using the closet on the other side of the garage door into the house. Things like diaper bags, my purse, laptops, etc, are now finding their way in there versus being scattered on the front room floor, taking up space on the kitchen table or island. It’s quite nice (ok, this happens 1/2 of the time - probably would help to clean that closet out and not put the baby gate in front of the door when its not in use!).
Once the office is done and Cameron is moved in, we’ll be focusing on London’s room. I already have a ton of ideas pinned on a Pinterest board that I will soon be revisiting.

~ Sarah

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