Jun 20, 2012


See the brown in our grass? Each spec is a grasshopper or locust. There's an infestation going on in our backyard. Poor Jake is going nuts watching them from the inside of the house, taunting him. Of course, should one venture in, it doesn't last 30 seconds between Tulley and Jake. 

This is what happens when you disturb the grass. The infestation started at the end of last week and has only escalated each day. We have Terminex coming out today, hopefully. So disgusting!

Of course, Cameron is having great fun rustling up the little critters any chance he gets. Sending Tulley out there is a favorite way. 

They look like they are swarming her. Good luck to our garden as we don't even want to go back  there to check on it! In years past, we have been attacked by little black beetles, called Tule Beetles. And those got in the house. This year, we haven't seen the beetle, but if its not one thing, its another, apparently!

~ Sarah

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