Jun 7, 2012

Daycare Update

While things are going great at the new daycare and its helped incredibly that London has her friends Evan and Blake there, she still seems to need an adjustment period.

Morning drop-off has been rough. London pretty much will not let me put her down and cries the second I try. Tears at my heart strings, of course and so when I do manage to get her into the arms of one of the providers I bolt.

Naps were a bit rough for her as well. Until yesterday, she wasn't even getting an hour of the much needed sleep in, which made for a few cranky evenings. Luckily, yesterday she slept almost 2 hours, which is normal for her if she is not at home.

And when I go to pick her up, I peep through the window and watch her for a minute before going in and announcing my presence. London, each time, has been happily playing but of course is ecstatic to see me as well.

I'm personally liking the daycare much more myself. Every provider has introduced herself to me at least once - at the last daycare I only learned names over time by hearing other people refer to them or call for them.

And this is a new one for me. I had a meeting this morning and came back to a message. It was from the daycare, just informing me that while London was playing with another child, she was pinched. It's standard for them to call and alert the parents just so we aren't surprised by the report at the end of the day. Cameron and I are just glad London didn't do the pinching!

The last daycare we might be told something at the end of the day, but it was usually when London had done something wrong or had been injured to the point that an accident report needed to be filled out. Of the 3 times London required an accident report, only once did I actually receive it!

Let's just hope morning drop-off gets better. It may take a little longer than it has before, which I think was about a month, since London transitions to a new room next week and therefore, has a new drop-off room.

~ Sarah

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