Jun 4, 2012

Day Care Issues Again!

Thursday evening was not a good one for us. Around 8 PM we received a call from the mother of one of London’s daycare classmates. She hated to be the bearer of bad news, but felt I should know that another child in another class had been hit in the face with a plate by the director and owner of our daycare facility. In front of that child’s mother no less. The director’s whole response to the incident was “Oh, I thought it wouldn’t hurt”.

So that mother and the mother I was talking to spent all day Thursday looking at new daycares and had found one close by to enroll their kids into (all 5 of them), starting Friday. I got the center’s name and went back into the house to talk with Cameron.

We quickly decided London was not going back to her old daycare at all. We both stayed home on Friday to begin our own search, starting with London’s playmates new facility. We toured the new center mid-morning and liked it a lot, feeling comfortable with not needing to look any further. And thankfully, they had space for London. She could start today. And so she did. And I spent a good hour or two on filling out all the paperwork yesterday.

One thing I really dislike about changing daycares is the amount of paperwork involved. I know its necessary and all, but it can be quite redundant too. And sadly, this is the second time we have had to change daycares in less than a year (3rd actual daycare). But what conspired at the last one is just not okay with Cameron and me, losing our trust that our precious little girl is safe, and happy, while we are at work. What frightens me even more is the thought of us putting our pending arrival in the care of the old daycare.

I just hope the new daycare works out for the long haul. And I have thoughts that it will, since it is owned separately from the people that run it, and it’s nationally organized. And London seemed to adjust well, just from what we saw from her during our tour and from what I saw this morning when I dropped her off. She didn’t seem fazed and didn’t cry when I left. I also think it will really help having two of the boys from her last class in her new class! And I am so thankful for the relationship we have created with the first mother and are now creating with the other mother so we can look out for each other.

Licensing has been contacted regarding the plate incident. Did I mention I saw the boy that was hit on both Friday and Saturday or the fact that he had a black eye?! When I was first told about it Thursday night, I was thinking he was hit in the back of the head and had a bruise or bump. Nope, front of the face right below the right eye on his cheekbone. I’m just glad London and the other kids we know are out of that place. All us mothers only wish we had the numbers to several of the other parents of children we know at the old place so we could share this information with them now versus them finding out from licensing when the report is completed.

Poor Cameron has to deal with the old place today. He’s so great for being willing to do it without me. I had confrontations like this, though I would go through it in a heartbeat for London if it was necessary. Finding a new daycare was enough for us to handle on Friday, among other things, so Cameron’s going in today to collect London’s things and tell them we will not be paying them for the next two weeks, even though our contract with them says we will. They broke our trust in protecting our daughter, first. And then Cameron gets to pick London up from the new daycare a little early, which will be nice for both of them, given all the changes so quickly.

Have you had any such daycare nightmares?

~ Sarah

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