Jun 5, 2012

Bye-Bye Sweet Mel Mels

Our daycare issues coincided with a very sad event in our home. We put our beloved Melody down after 6 ½ years of being her fur-parents. We knew our time with her was limited, but the end came all too soon, just the same. Cameron and I were there with Mel through the whole procedure until we were sure she was gone. I take comfort in knowing she is at peace and pain-free.

Melody was Cameron’s and my first dog together, our first fur-child. We do have a classic video of her telling Tulley off when Tulley was a puppy trying to get Mel to play with her, not to mention all the photos we have been able to take over the years. And of course we have the memories. The smile on her face in the back seat of the car after I sprung her from the Fremont Animal Shelter after she had gotten out of our backyard comes to the forefront of those memories. She may not have been the greatest people-person dog, but she was a great dog for us. I will miss her roo-roos (aka howling sessions, which we often encouraged), even though we hadn’t had any in the last year of Mel’s life.

We will always miss her and look for her in the usual places by routine right now. I know this will eventually change and the sting of remembering she is gone will eventually ease, but it’s going to take quite some time. Even Tulley seems to be a little down and appears to look for Mel here and there, even sleeping on both dog beds throughout the night. I am thankful that London is not old enough to truly realize Melody is gone. I’m also glad my parents were in town to watch London while we said good-bye.

~ Sarah

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