Jun 27, 2012

Baby Bump Wednesdays: 22 Weeks

How far along: 22 weeks

What Fruit or Vegetable size is Baby: Spaghetti Squash/Papaya
Average Size: 11 inches, 1 lb
What’s going on with Baby’s development: Sydney is developing tooth buds under her gums and her lips, eye lids and eyebrows are becoming more distinct. She can also hear what is going on outside the belly.
Total weight gain: 13 lbs.
Stretch marks: Loving the Bio Oil as still no new ones – we’ll see what happens in the last month
Sleep: Same old, same old.
Best moment of this last week: Having a fun night out with Cameron and friends when we attending the Lambda Chi Alpha reunion and London using the toilet at home for the first time!
Miss anything: Wine, Corona, running, spicy tuna rolls
Movement: Definitely feeling Sydney more. Last night while watching a movie I felt her shift to one side of the belly – a pretty funny sight to see.
Food cravings: Sushi, nectarines
Gender: Girl!
Labor signs: Nope.
Belly button in or out: working on that outtie, or the 3rd nipple as Cameron calls it
Wedding rings on or off: engagement ring only and luckily, still!
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy most of the time
Looking forward to in the next week: A quiet weekend at home for the first time in ages!

~ Sarah

Jun 26, 2012

Toddler Tuesdays: Potty Training!

I have been slacking a little on getting ready to help London with the potty training. I know its coming and it’s definitely something I want to encourage, but at the same time seems like a giant mountain for us to tackle. That and we haven’t really been home on the weekends. But we will be this weekend, which means I have some reading to do this week. Any suggestions on where I should start?

We’re going to be home for a weekend just in time it seems. The daycare daily report yesterday was that London went in the potty twice at school yesterday. And when we got home from Costco last night? She went potty at home after telling me she needed to go! Whoo hoo!

Good thing we at least made the effort to purchase a step stool and inner toilet seat better suited to London’s tiny bottom last week at Target. I have also discovered having the smaller seat on the toilet deters Jake from using the toilet as a water bowl – I caught him actually drinking water from the proper bowl last night!

The one thing I feel I do need to get before this weekend are pull-ups. We have one more package of size 6 diapers to go through before we need more and I would prefer to use those first but I don’t think it’s in the cards. Good thing Sydney is on her way. At least I could store these diapers until she needs them.

Any tricks or tips out there?

On another note, I’ve discovered that London loves nectarines just as much as Cameron and I do. A perfect nectarine to us is one that has plenty of flavor but isn’t mushy. Last night I was eating a perfect one just brought home from Costco while we all watched Aladdin in bed. First Cameron stole a bite which grabbed London’s attention. Next thing I knew she had had half of it! And then this morning she grabbed one from the box on the table as we were leaving for school.

When we put the box in the basket last night, London kept calling them apples. Knowing the nectarine is a bit advanced for her right now, I tried to get her to call them peaches. Last night that did not seem to register and she continued to call them apples. But this morning when she spied them on the table she did call say Pea like she was trying to say peach so something stuck!

~ Sarah

Jun 20, 2012


See the brown in our grass? Each spec is a grasshopper or locust. There's an infestation going on in our backyard. Poor Jake is going nuts watching them from the inside of the house, taunting him. Of course, should one venture in, it doesn't last 30 seconds between Tulley and Jake. 

This is what happens when you disturb the grass. The infestation started at the end of last week and has only escalated each day. We have Terminex coming out today, hopefully. So disgusting!

Of course, Cameron is having great fun rustling up the little critters any chance he gets. Sending Tulley out there is a favorite way. 

They look like they are swarming her. Good luck to our garden as we don't even want to go back  there to check on it! In years past, we have been attacked by little black beetles, called Tule Beetles. And those got in the house. This year, we haven't seen the beetle, but if its not one thing, its another, apparently!

~ Sarah

Baby Bump Wednesdays: Week 21

How far along: 21 weeks

What Fruit or Vegetable size is Baby: Carrot/Pomegranate
Average Size: 10 1/2 inches, 12.7 oz Starting this week babies are measured from Head to Toe – prior to this, babies are measured Head to Rump.
What’s going on with Baby’s development: Sydney now has eyebrows and eye lids and her taste buds are now working.
Total weight gain: 13 lbs.
Stretch marks: Loving the Bio Oil as still no new ones – we’ll see what happens in the last month
Sleep: Same old, same old. Did have one night this last week that I didn’t wake up but that may have to do with the fact that I went to bed too late. I was still tired the next day!
Best moment of this last week: Getting the carpet installed in the office and getting the carpet patched in the family room – no more rug to cover up the destruction and nails!
Miss anything: Wine, Corona, running, spicy tuna rolls
Movement: Definitely feeling Sydney a bit more than before. So far she leaves me alone when I go to bed, unlike her sister!
Food cravings: Sushi
Gender: Girl!
Labor signs: Nope.
Belly button in or out: half-way out with the top almost all the way out
Wedding rings on or off: engagement ring
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy (most of the time) Did have a moment last week where I just lost it and actually cried over spilt milk – that I spilt!
Looking forward to in the next week: The Lambda Chi Alpha reunion in Chico this weekend with Cameron and all his fraternity brothers and many of their wives. Should be a great time.

~ Sarah

Jun 19, 2012

Toddler Tuesdays: Make Believe

I recently read an email from one of the parenting web sites I subscribe to that said London should be entering the age where she can begin to make believe. Funny part was, when I read the email, London was already make believing for a month or two. And it is only more evident day by day.

One of the first things London started playing make believe with was her tea party set. She will bring you a tea cup and pour “tea” into it from the tea pot. It’s the cutest thing. One of the sets she has (she has 3 now) includes a plate with different shaped desserts, which she pretends to eat and then offers you a bite.

Just last night London was serving both Cameron and I cups of tea. London got really upset when Cameron tried to pour her some tea – London is also going through a phase of wanting to do everything herself! One of her favorite phrases to say is “I did it” even if she didn’t do anything!

London is also very much into baby dolls, and for the most part loves to nurture them. She’ll hold them up and pat them on the back, feed them a bottle, and push them around in her baby doll stroller. But her favorite thing to do is put them to “nite nite”. London will take a blanket and lay it over the baby doll…or Tulley… or me! And now she likes to play pretend nite nite with me where I pretend to put her to bed, back rub and all! It’s a riot.

We’ve also discovered that playing with baby dolls is the key to morning drop offs at daycare. As soon as Miss Jackie or I mention playing with baby dolls, London is out of my arms and into hers or on the ground running for them!

Morning drop offs are going much better – they are actually pretty quick these days, with only a few tears here and there. Miss Jackie also says that mornings with tears don’t last long at all and soon London is into the thick of things with the other kids. And Miss Betty’s report at the end of the day is that London has had a great day. And she looks like she is having fun when I peer through the classroom window before I go in to get her. Of course, she is always quite happy to see me when I do enter and she sees me.

~ Sarah

Jun 13, 2012

Pretty Toes

At one time in my life I was called PT by some friends. It stood for Pretty Toes. That’s because one night while out for a birthday in San Francisco, walking from the restaurant to the first bar of the night, a panhandler commented on my “pretty toes”. He was just about to ask us for money, obviously not proud of what he was doing as he kept his head down. My pretty toes distracted him and we were able to pass by with a simple thank you instead of giving him money or awkwardly trying to not give him money.

I also used to get pedicures and manicures regularly. I would get my nails done every two weeks and a pedicure once a month back then. And I’d give myself my own pedicure in between professional pedicures.

The professional services went away when we moved into our house and I got pregnant. And keeping up with taking care of my toes myself grew harder and harder as I grew bigger and bigger with London. I think my last real professional pedicure was Emily’s wedding, Labor Day weekend 2010! And my own maintenance has been very irregular as well. I’ve even, gasp, gone without any polish on my toes at all! The me that I was before I was a mom would be so disappointed.

The thing is, even though I don’t do much about it, it does still irritate me when my toes go into disarray and are not pretty. All the new colors and designs coming out really have me going nuts. I even have a pin board on Pinterest dedicated to pretty nails. And now, finally, I am slowly getting back into my habit again. I still haven’t pulled the soaking tub down from the top shelf of my closet, but soon I will, I hope. Only problem is, I don’t know how long my home pedicures can be kept up, given I have another growing belly getting in the way.

But, recently, I purchased an aqua green nail color to test out. Before, while I was known for pretty toes, I tended to stick to a glittery red or French tip look. At first I wasn’t sure the aqua green was good on me, but after less than a day with the new paint on, and I see the burst of color peeping through my work shoes, I am following in love. Now, what to try next!

~ Sarah

Baby Bump Wednesdays: 20 Weeks!

We're half way there (actually less since we will deliver a week early) and yesterday we had the super, duper ultrasound where vital organs and bones are checked. I was told we had a beautiful baby growing, measuring for a November 4 due date. Since that is still very close to the October 30 due date, we will likely still be delivering around October 24. London did the same thing - she measured later than originally thought but also caught up over time.

And...we found out we are expecting another little princess! London is going to have a little sis to love and torture. And Cameron will forever be surrounded by beautiful women. We will be naming her Sydney Lee. Yes, we have a theme to naming our children but they are also family names - London was my maiden, now middle name and Sidney was my grandfather's name. We just changed the spelling to reflect the gender. Lee is Vicki's middle name, so each girl will carry one of her grandmother's middle name too.

Ok, now for the fun stuff:

How far along: 20 weeks

What Fruit or Vegetable size is Baby: Banana
Average Size: 6.5 inches, 10.5 oz.
What’s going on with Baby’s development: Baby is practicing swallowing and taste buds are now working.
Total weight gain: 13 lbs.
Maternity clothes: Yep
Stretch marks: Loving the Bio Oil - I think it is helping reduce my old stretch marks!
Sleep: Same old, same old. I did wake up with my first leg cramp/charlie horse when we were in Monterey. It took 2 days before my calf wasn’t sore from it. I blame my lack of drinking water on Saturday. I totally forgot about these cramps and am now drinking even more water to prevent them! That and Cameron woke me up last night when he found me lying on my back. I might need a second body pillow - one on either side so I can't roll onto my back.
Best moment of this last week: Spending time with London and Cameron in Monterey and going to the Aquarium. Loved the cool weather.
Miss anything: Wine, Corona, running, spicy tuna rolls
Movement: Still nothing more than some moments of quick pressure here and there.
Food cravings: Thanks to Monterey I went through just under a pound of Salt Water Taffy in 3 days, but not aching for anything today.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Have you started to show yet: Uh, yeah!
Gender: Girl!
Labor signs: Nope.
Belly button in or out: half-way out with the top starting the poke out more.
Wedding rings on or off: engagement ring
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to in the next week: Finishing up the office and having the carpet installed! Then I can get to dusting – the entire remodel process has been pretty filthy throughout the whole time.

~ Sarah

Jun 12, 2012

Office Remodel Update

Don’t worry, the office remodel didn’t come to a standstill over the past two weekends. Two Saturdays ago we had London's birthday party (more on that to come), but before London’s party, Cameron was able to get the large pieces of drywall up on the outside wall of the office that faces into the entryway. 

That Sunday, Cameron finished putting up all the drywall on the outside walls and started to fill the space with spray-foam insulation. We’re not so worried about keeping the heat in as we are about reducing noise transferring from one room to the other. He was able to finish the insulation later in the week and we started to drywall the inside yesterday.

The carpet is scheduled to go in on Monday, so we'll be working on completing the drywall and texturing the inside walls by then.

But already the office is feeling like a real room and is looks really good. We love the doors, as has everyone else that has seen them. And while we feared closing the room in would create a really long hallway, in some ways, it feels like the room is meant to be like that all along.

Creating the office has also gotten us to start using the closet on the other side of the garage door into the house. Things like diaper bags, my purse, laptops, etc, are now finding their way in there versus being scattered on the front room floor, taking up space on the kitchen table or island. It’s quite nice (ok, this happens 1/2 of the time - probably would help to clean that closet out and not put the baby gate in front of the door when its not in use!).
Once the office is done and Cameron is moved in, we’ll be focusing on London’s room. I already have a ton of ideas pinned on a Pinterest board that I will soon be revisiting.

~ Sarah

Toddler Tuesdays: Monterey Bay Aquarium

For London’s actual 2nd Birthday, we finally took her to the Monterey Bay Aquarium – something we have said we need to do since she was 3 months old! Took us long enough, huh?

Knowing a drive there and back in one day, along with the actual visit would be too much for London, I had booked us a hotel room for Saturday night and we headed to the coast Saturday around 11:30 AM. London decided this would be a good day to first, get up super early that morning (6:30 AM) and two, take a nap for less than an hour. But, for the most part, she tolerated the 3 ½ hour car trip relatively well. We actually made it there in less than 3 ½ hours and that was with a stop in Santa Nella to let this pregnant lady void her bladder. It gets smaller and smaller day by day. We actually arrived at our hotel around 2:30 PM. And that’s where we let London run around for a little while before getting back in the car to head to Cannery Row.

I hadn’t been able to find a hotel room at a decent price within walking distance of the Aquarium and Cannery Row, and I’m so glad that I didn’t. We actually ended up staying in Pleasant Grove, whose City limits start about a block from the Aquarium. We were only 2 miles away to be honest. And we discovered what a cute little town Pleasant Grove is – I only wish we had arrived sooner so we could walk around the cute downtown and all the amazing shops it had. Plus, our hotel was actually just a couple blocks from the ocean and a little lighthouse. We determined that Pleasant Grove is actually much nicer than Monterey itself is.

The hotel wasn’t that bad either. The Sea Breeze Inn & Lodge was more of a motel with little cabins and drive-up rooms. Our room was one of two rooms in an upper story. It was a little on the small side, but clean and comfortable all the same. And we learned that the hotel is dog-friendly. We saw one couple walking their Lab and Rottweiler around the parking lot later that day when we went to the pool and spa.

And because we purchased our aquarium tickets through the hotel reservation, they were good for two days! Which is why we went into Monterrey and Cannery Row in the first place – we decided to take advantage and spend a few hours before dinner in the Aquarium. First stop was the Open Ocean exhibit. Cameron put London on his shoulders and we all watched the tuna, a turtle, a sting ray and sharks swim by. London was definitely amazed by it all and was quite distracted the whole visit.

We also took in the Kelp Forest and Jellys before we headed out to Cannery Row for dinner. Usually we head to The Fishhopper, but we changed course and went to Louie Linguini’s across the plaza instead. Here’s how we made our decision to eat here: We were walking by and a gentleman representing the restaurant offered us a sample of clam chowder. Cameron took one and immediately circled back saying it was really good – it actually reminded him of what good clam chowder was supposed to taste like. So while he dined on a bowl of clam chowder and a seafood medley salad, I feasted on some Dungeness Crab while London ate most of my fries and a few pieces of her cheese pizza. I highly recommend this place for any one visiting the area. Plus, it sits up on top of a building overlooking the ocean. You can’t beat that view.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel for a quick dip in the spa – for Cameron that is. London and I just stuck our feet in. Unfortunately for Cameron, he woke up Saturday with a major kink in his neck and could barely turn it. Between a few massages from me and some Icy Hot, we were able to loosen it up some, but you could tell he was stiff and in pain. Then, we cruised Pleasant Grove some more on our way to Safeway for some provisions like Milk for London and beer for Cameron. All I wanted was a Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks but we were too late and they were closed.

Bedtime proved to be a challenge. London has outgrown her play yard so we didn’t even bother taking it. Except that we also forgot our pillows at home (which we consistently do). We had planned to use all the hotel pillows to create a barrier on London’s bed to keep her from rolling out. And lucky for us, each bed had 4 pillows. We used the 4 on London’s bed to place on either side of her, under the main comforter. Then we used the large, decorative bolster pillows to place at her feet, again under the comforter. And London got one of my pillows to use for her head, on top. The bed had a sheet over the comforter which we used to cover London, but I also packed her flannel PJs.

It took all of us going to bed at 9 to get her to go to sleep. Having the TV on, on low was too much distraction for her and even then, it took some time for her to go down. London did sleep through the night, safely. And it was pretty cute listening to her wake up, babbling. As soon as I moved she rolled over and peaked at me from behind one of the pillows. That was at 7 AM, so at least it was a relatively acceptable weekend time to wake up.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t sleep well thanks to my first middle of the night charley horse from this pregnancy. It struck in my calf and was quite sore all of Sunday and even on Monday! Made for a slow moving Mama. And Cameron woke up every time he rolled over that night due to his neck.

So it was a good thing we went to the Aquarium for a little while the day before, as we only lasted a couple hours on Sunday before London was ready for a nap and we were ready to get home, despite the gorgeous weather Monterrey was experiencing – no fog and a cool 75 degrees or so. I really miss that bay weather right now as our temperatures are edging into the 100s.

We got to the Aquarium just as the opened, and some of the volunteers were walking around with tubes full of Jelly Fish, which London got to see up close. From there, we checked out the new Jelly Fish exhibit that had several interactive features that London enjoyed.

We also spent some time wandering the sea horse exhibit before heading to one of the special kids areas all about whales. London loved coloring the most and for the most part enjoyed anything she could freely run around in or participate in. While standing on one of the outside decks, we spotted several otters and a seal.

The trip worked out rather well. We had wished that we had planned on going on Friday night and had all day Saturday there, but that may be better when London is older, too. She needs her run-free time and we need our down time. Once this baby arrives and gets more established, we are definitely thinking about a family membership to the Aquarium – if we just went 4 times a year (once every 3 months) we would recoup the cost of membership and more. But, we’ll have to hold off on that until at least January – and London is free until she is 3, so it would make more sense to just get two individual memberships until then.

Tulley spent the weekend at PetSmart and didn’t come home until last night. She was pretty tuckered from all the playing she did with other dogs while we were away and is soft as can be after her exit bath.

Although, now that we know the hotel is dog-friendly, we may decide to bring her along in the future depending on the weather.

~ Sarah

Jun 11, 2012

Motherhood Mondays: An Open Letter to London for her 2nd Birthday

Below is a letter I wrote to London for her 2nd Birthday, detailing what has gone on in the last year and what she is like, along with my hopes for the next year. Enjoy!

~ Sarah

Dear London,

Yesterday you turned two. In some ways it seems so hard to believe you are already two as I still remember the tiny baby that you were and how scared I was to even change your diaper for fear I would harm you. Dressing you was even worse! At the same time, you are so much a part of our lives that it can be hard to remember what it was like without you.

To celebrate, we took you down to Monterey, CA that included a trip to the Aquarium for the very first time – something your dad and I had been meaning to do with you since your were 3 months old! Knowing the drive would be too long to only do a day trip, we drove down Saturday and spent the night. Luckily, our passes were for two days so you got to experience the Aquarium both on Saturday and Sunday. You could only handle about 2 hours there at a time anyway. And you did so well in the car even though you didn’t sleep as much as we would have liked. You seemed to love the Open Oceans exhibit and all the interactive play exhibits for kids. You definitely didn’t care for the Octopus – one on each day was on full display when we passed by, something your dad and I had really never seen in all the years we have been going. They are usually curled up in a corner and barely visible. This time they were spread out and one even swam a few times in its tank. Something about it scared you, which is interesting as not much scares you.

This trip to Monterey also included the first time you slept alone in a big bed – not a crib or play yard. You’ve outgrown the play yard which means we now need to make sure there is a bed for you when we travel. Luckily, the hotel provided 4 pillows on each bed – especially since your dad and I forgot to bring all our pillows. That happens often. Anyhow, we put two pillows on each side of the bed and I gave you one of mine to use for your own head. We also put the long bolster pillows from the hotel at your feet – all of this under the comforter. You then slept on top of the comforter, under a sheet and a couple of your blankets – probably for all of ½ hour, before you were on top. Good thing I packed your flannel PJs.

But, you slept through the night without falling off the bed! And you were so cute when you woke up babbling to yourself and then heard me move so you rolled over peeking at me over one of the pillows. At least you made it to 7 AM – you’d decided to wake up at 6 AM on Saturday. Guess that was our fault for putting you to bed on time Fridays. We have to let you stay up late if we want you to sleep in some.

This year we also took you to Disneyland, just before Thanksgiving. You had such a blast – loving all the sights and sounds. You particularly loved It’s a Small World, much to your dad’s detriment (he once got stuck on it for 15 extra minutes chasing after a girl, before he met me). You also really enjoyed Dumbo and King Arthur’s Carousel. Unfortunately Pirates of the Caribbean was closed for refurbishment so you missed that one.

This last year brought a few changes in childcare. After adjusting to not having me 24/7 7 days a week when you were 6 months old, you got used to going down the street to stay with Auntie Lauren 5 days a week while I worked. But unfortunately, Lauren could no longer care for you soon after you turned a year due to her back. Your dad and I were sad to see the arrangement come to an end but we also knew we needed to get you somewhere you could socialize with other kids.

Unfortunately, you only lasted at the first place we found for 3 days! It wasn’t anything you did – we solely blame the owner and provider. She was in over her head and was just looking for an excuse to unload some of her burden. She said you were too clingy and not acclimating quickly enough. You were barely 1 year old and we soon found out, cutting 3 or 4 teeth.

The second place lasted much longer until some safety concerns were presented to us two weeks ago. They had to do with the owner/director, not Miss Alisha, who was great with you and your classmates. While we’re sad to say goodbye to her, we suspect the establishment may be shut down as a result of the events that led up to you leaving.

So last week you started at a new daycare, in the Toddlers room. Luckily, you had your friends Evan and Blake to help you get adjusted and all the teachers seem quite attentive and caring, not to mention happy to be there. Everyone has said you are a delight. But, again, change occurred this morning, as now that you are two, you move into a new class – away from Evan and Blake for the next month until Evan joins you. I hope you accept the changes rather quickly but I completely understand if you don’t.

We also had to say good-bye to our sweet Mel Mels recently. You won’t remember eventually, except for pictures and she wasn’t a great dog to have around you. She was 9 when you were born and already experiencing lower back arthritis. And we’d already turned her world upside down by bringing Tulley home a few months before we brought you home. She snapped at you a few times and mostly stayed away from you. But you loved her and referred to her as Mel Mels. You still call Tulley woof woof – as you do all dogs. Occasionally, when you see a dog, or wolf, that resembles Melody, you will say Mel Mel. And when we head home you sometimes mention her and just this morning said “Mel Mel nite nite”. It’s the best way we can explain to you she is gone.

Speaking of our pets, you began to associate all cats as bubbas when you learned that we called Jake that sometimes. You now call any cat a meow – I have no idea why you can’t say cat. But you still call Jake Bubba and we’ve recently gotten you to say Lulu when referring to Kelsey. As for daddy and me, you’ve recently transitioned from mama and dada to Mommy and Daddy – you even called Daddy Dad this weekend! So grown up.

We also enrolled you in swim lessons this year, as you are attracted to water. You’re a ways out from actually being able to swim, but you sure had a blast in swim class. You love water whether its for swimming in, bathing or just splashing around. You actually threw a full on tantrum once this last year when we went up to put you to bed and you went to the bathroom in hopes of a bath. When I said no bath that night, you lost it, and I relented. How can I deny a child a bath when they want one? You just can’t! I just hope you always are up for a bath.

You also have a love for being outdoors. Long walks with your grandpa is one of your favorite activities when he is in town, but you also just try to be outside as much as you can when you are home. Unfortunately, you don’t quite understand why we can’t always be out there, particularly on hot summer days. We try to get you out there as soon as it cools off and your dad and I try to take you for walks in your stroller as often as possible too. Sometimes our evenings are just too busy.

When we really need to distract you, we turn on a show called Yo Gabba Gabba, which you call Dabba Dabba. You ask for it whenever we are downstairs in the kitchen. Your dad and I do try to limit you to one episode a night, but on days we are particularly exhausted or need your attention elsewhere, we’ve been known to show you 2 or 3 in a row – at least they are only between 20 and 25 minutes long, with no commercials. It’s the only show that holds your attention – you don’t last more than 10 minutes on most anything else, though you did relatively well with the movie Toy Story last week.

For the most part you are a happy, curious toddler that people enjoy. You love saying hello and bye bye to passing strangers and friends the same. You are also very well versed in saying no and I did it, all gone, I don’t know and nite nite. It amazes how much you understand from us and at the same time what you don’t – like when we ask if you like Dog food. You don’t eat dog food, nor do you have access to it, yet when your poop is hard, solid rocks, Miss Alisha would say it looked like Dog Food. Once she said she asked you if you ate dog food and you said yes. When Miss Alisha asked me about it, I corrected her. Just joking around your dad asked you if you liked Dog food this weekend and you said yes.

In reality, you love Mac & cheese, cheese in general, cheese and sticks, hot dogs, bananas and anything you can dip into a sauce. You’re not afraid of spicy foods either – you even ate some peppery cheese grandpa brought on a recent visit, to his surprise. You ate most of it! You also have a curious appetite for food and want to try anything your dad and I are eating. You’ve tried lettuce several times, even straight ginger, though both you quickly took out of your mouth and deposited in my hand. But you keep trying, which is all I ask for.

The next year will, of course, bring more changes. For one, you’ll no longer be an only child. We find out tomorrow whether you will have a little brother or sister. My hope is you embrace your sibling, though at your birthday party last week, you grew quite jealous when I held your new cousin Elijah. With this new sibling is also bringing you a new bedroom. As soon as we get your dad moved out of his office into the new office we are building downstairs, we will be decorating the old office for you. In this new room you will also get a new, big girl bed. That will be an interesting transition. The goal is to have you in there no later than the start of October.

What I hope for you most is that you maintain your curious, outgoing nature as you continue to grow and develop into a little girl. That and I hope you’re potty trained by this time next year.


Jun 7, 2012

Daycare Update

While things are going great at the new daycare and its helped incredibly that London has her friends Evan and Blake there, she still seems to need an adjustment period.

Morning drop-off has been rough. London pretty much will not let me put her down and cries the second I try. Tears at my heart strings, of course and so when I do manage to get her into the arms of one of the providers I bolt.

Naps were a bit rough for her as well. Until yesterday, she wasn't even getting an hour of the much needed sleep in, which made for a few cranky evenings. Luckily, yesterday she slept almost 2 hours, which is normal for her if she is not at home.

And when I go to pick her up, I peep through the window and watch her for a minute before going in and announcing my presence. London, each time, has been happily playing but of course is ecstatic to see me as well.

I'm personally liking the daycare much more myself. Every provider has introduced herself to me at least once - at the last daycare I only learned names over time by hearing other people refer to them or call for them.

And this is a new one for me. I had a meeting this morning and came back to a message. It was from the daycare, just informing me that while London was playing with another child, she was pinched. It's standard for them to call and alert the parents just so we aren't surprised by the report at the end of the day. Cameron and I are just glad London didn't do the pinching!

The last daycare we might be told something at the end of the day, but it was usually when London had done something wrong or had been injured to the point that an accident report needed to be filled out. Of the 3 times London required an accident report, only once did I actually receive it!

Let's just hope morning drop-off gets better. It may take a little longer than it has before, which I think was about a month, since London transitions to a new room next week and therefore, has a new drop-off room.

~ Sarah

Jun 6, 2012

Baby Bump Wednesdays: 19 weeks

How far along: 19 weeks

What Fruit or Vegetable size is Baby: Mango/Large Heirloom Tomato
Average Size: 6 inches, 8.5 oz.
What’s going on with Baby’s development: Baby’s 5 senses are developing in the brain. Arms and legs are proportional to the rest of the body.
Total weight gain: 13 lbs.
Maternity clothes: Yep
Stretch marks: Loving the Bio Oil
Sleep: Still getting up about once a night and the body pillow is my best friend. I think the extra body heat, while pushing Cameron and Tulley away is attracting Kelsey as she is back to sleeping on my hips!
Best moment of this last week: London’s 2nd Birthday party and seeing the drywall up on the outside of the office.
Miss anything: Wine, Corona, running
Movement: Wasn’t so sure I was feeling anything still, just pressure here and there, until I was lying down on the exam table at the doctor’s office when I felt a few small taps here and there. When the doctor went to go find the heart beat it was in the same area as those kicks! The doctor says I am still 6 weeks away from the more defined kicks.
Food cravings: Reese’s mini Peanut Butter cups, frozen
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope
Have you started to show yet: Yep.
Gender: Unknown – 1 weeks to go!
Labor signs: Nope.
Belly button in or out: staying steady at half-way out
Wedding rings on or off: engagement ring
Happy or moody most of the time: Been a little moody this week. We’ve had a lot going on.
Looking forward to in the next week: Taking London to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium for the first time, finally and just getting away from it all for a little while. And of course, finding out baby’s gender on June 12th!

We had our monthly appointment with the doctor Monday afternoon. And I could hardly wait for it, as I had been unconvinced that I was feeling the baby at all and was chomping at the bit to hear the heart beat. Hearing that heart beat is the only way I know baby is doing good and I get anxious toward the end of each month until I hear it.

Well, while I was laying on the exam table waiting for the doctor to come in I felt two little pokes, sort of like a small amount of pressure on the lower right side of my belly. Sure enough, that is where the doctor found the oh so strong heart beat! With London I felt the typically described flutters – this kid I just feel random points of pressure which is very different from the flutters. But now that I know I watch for them. I felt a few yesterday at work and then while watching TV last night felt the kid going from the left to right side and back a few times, like it was playing pong in my belly!

The doctor says that I am still a good 6 weeks out from feeling the baby all the time. I think this is also when I’m supposed to count kicks for a few minutes a couple times a day to make sure all is going well.

Anyway, the doctor said all my numbers are great – my blood pressure was spot on, which took me by surprise given all the stress from last week’s events. And next week we get to find out this baby’s gender. I can hardly wait. Cameron is still convinced another little princess is on the way. I’m not so sure, as I had hardly any morning sickness, say 4 days tops, and London caused me so much more grief. But I’ve been known to be wrong – like the fact that I was so sure I wouldn’t get pregnant on the first try this time around. I honestly expected that we would just now be getting pregnant – not be half way through it!

Another little girl would be great. London, I’m sure would love to have a sister to pal around with as they grow up. Plus, we wouldn’t have to make any changes to the nursery and we have all the clothes and toys.

But a little boy would be just a nice. I know London will be able to hold her own with a boy, as she already does with Blake and Evan, her buddies from daycare. And the changes to the nursery wouldn’t have to be huge – just replace the purple with blue and change it to an Under the Ocean theme. I’m so glad the main color is a mint-chocolate chip green for this very reason. And I know Cameron would love a son to go hunting with in the future. Plus, a boy would even us all out. Only time will tell I guess. And that’s if this kid decides to cooperate at the Ultrasound next week. I’ve known a few kids who would not.

So what’s your guess? Boy or Girl?

~ Sarah

Jun 5, 2012

Bye-Bye Sweet Mel Mels

Our daycare issues coincided with a very sad event in our home. We put our beloved Melody down after 6 ½ years of being her fur-parents. We knew our time with her was limited, but the end came all too soon, just the same. Cameron and I were there with Mel through the whole procedure until we were sure she was gone. I take comfort in knowing she is at peace and pain-free.

Melody was Cameron’s and my first dog together, our first fur-child. We do have a classic video of her telling Tulley off when Tulley was a puppy trying to get Mel to play with her, not to mention all the photos we have been able to take over the years. And of course we have the memories. The smile on her face in the back seat of the car after I sprung her from the Fremont Animal Shelter after she had gotten out of our backyard comes to the forefront of those memories. She may not have been the greatest people-person dog, but she was a great dog for us. I will miss her roo-roos (aka howling sessions, which we often encouraged), even though we hadn’t had any in the last year of Mel’s life.

We will always miss her and look for her in the usual places by routine right now. I know this will eventually change and the sting of remembering she is gone will eventually ease, but it’s going to take quite some time. Even Tulley seems to be a little down and appears to look for Mel here and there, even sleeping on both dog beds throughout the night. I am thankful that London is not old enough to truly realize Melody is gone. I’m also glad my parents were in town to watch London while we said good-bye.

~ Sarah

Toddler Tuesdays: Sympathy

London has started to progress more developmentally, particularly in terms of understanding when someone else is hurting. And she’s started to show signs of sympathy when someone else is hurt. Basically, she’s is grasping the concept that others have feelings too and maybe the world doesn’t totally revolve around her and her needs.

Example 1: I was sitting at the kitchen table next to her while she ate dinner. While adjusting I bonked my knee on the table leg and cried out in pain. London leaned over and put her arm behind my back and patted it, and nuzzled up to me while I cringed. I have to say it did make me feel better.

Example 2: Last Tuesday, after our busy Memorial Day weekend working on the front office I was feeling the extra activity I had put my body through. I was feeling achy and quite miserable, and wasn’t even sure if I was going to make it to work. Cameron was still in bed and I had brought London in to say goodbye. I was sitting on the bed next to Cameron and he was trying to comfort me. London noticed this and crawled over from where she was cuddling with Tulley to come cuddle me.

Example 3: So maybe it was her fault that I was almost in tears. I was sitting on the stairs for some reason, holding London by my side when something caught her eye and she moved her head quickly. This movement caught me off-guard and she clocked my right on the brow bone with her hard head. My dad was right there and witnessed London trying to comfort me after realizing she had hurt me.

Hopefully understanding that she can hurt others will teach London to not do things that hurt people, like hitting or kicking, and thus we can be a bit more proactive versus reactive to such occurrences and not have so many. I’m sure Cameron would love to teach her to not kick her legs out when she is in the shopping cart seat and he is pushing. All I can say is London has amazing aim and it does seem like she kicks on purpose just for a laugh.

~ Sarah

Jun 4, 2012

Day Care Issues Again!

Thursday evening was not a good one for us. Around 8 PM we received a call from the mother of one of London’s daycare classmates. She hated to be the bearer of bad news, but felt I should know that another child in another class had been hit in the face with a plate by the director and owner of our daycare facility. In front of that child’s mother no less. The director’s whole response to the incident was “Oh, I thought it wouldn’t hurt”.

So that mother and the mother I was talking to spent all day Thursday looking at new daycares and had found one close by to enroll their kids into (all 5 of them), starting Friday. I got the center’s name and went back into the house to talk with Cameron.

We quickly decided London was not going back to her old daycare at all. We both stayed home on Friday to begin our own search, starting with London’s playmates new facility. We toured the new center mid-morning and liked it a lot, feeling comfortable with not needing to look any further. And thankfully, they had space for London. She could start today. And so she did. And I spent a good hour or two on filling out all the paperwork yesterday.

One thing I really dislike about changing daycares is the amount of paperwork involved. I know its necessary and all, but it can be quite redundant too. And sadly, this is the second time we have had to change daycares in less than a year (3rd actual daycare). But what conspired at the last one is just not okay with Cameron and me, losing our trust that our precious little girl is safe, and happy, while we are at work. What frightens me even more is the thought of us putting our pending arrival in the care of the old daycare.

I just hope the new daycare works out for the long haul. And I have thoughts that it will, since it is owned separately from the people that run it, and it’s nationally organized. And London seemed to adjust well, just from what we saw from her during our tour and from what I saw this morning when I dropped her off. She didn’t seem fazed and didn’t cry when I left. I also think it will really help having two of the boys from her last class in her new class! And I am so thankful for the relationship we have created with the first mother and are now creating with the other mother so we can look out for each other.

Licensing has been contacted regarding the plate incident. Did I mention I saw the boy that was hit on both Friday and Saturday or the fact that he had a black eye?! When I was first told about it Thursday night, I was thinking he was hit in the back of the head and had a bruise or bump. Nope, front of the face right below the right eye on his cheekbone. I’m just glad London and the other kids we know are out of that place. All us mothers only wish we had the numbers to several of the other parents of children we know at the old place so we could share this information with them now versus them finding out from licensing when the report is completed.

Poor Cameron has to deal with the old place today. He’s so great for being willing to do it without me. I had confrontations like this, though I would go through it in a heartbeat for London if it was necessary. Finding a new daycare was enough for us to handle on Friday, among other things, so Cameron’s going in today to collect London’s things and tell them we will not be paying them for the next two weeks, even though our contract with them says we will. They broke our trust in protecting our daughter, first. And then Cameron gets to pick London up from the new daycare a little early, which will be nice for both of them, given all the changes so quickly.

Have you had any such daycare nightmares?

~ Sarah