May 3, 2012

Weekend Update: Reno & Family BBQ

Whew, the week’s almost over and I am just now getting to our weekend wrap-up - the worst part is that it feels like Friday to me!

Saturday was a busy one for us, to say the least. We left early for swim lessons to stop in at the tile store to look at some options for the front room. We walked away with a few samples but upon viewing the samples on Sunday decided against them. As per my last post, we went with carpet instead.

London and Cameron then participated in her second to last swim lesson. For the first time, she wanted to get out about 5 minutes before the end of class. The cold water was getting to her. Plus, I think she would rather just play in the water with us then being pushed to do what the instructor has the kids doing at the time. Only one class to go.

From there we headed up to Reno. Thankfully, London slept almost the entire way. It was a little early for a nap, but swim lessons tend to take it out of her and she has been going down for Saturday naps a little earlier. We made it up to Reno just in time to drop in on the Gilles family and drop Tulley off for an afternoon of fun with her puppy Kieran.

Did I mention Tulley was patiently waiting in her crate while we visited the tile store and swim lessons? We couldn’t pass up an opportunity to see one of her pups. Poor thing was a little subdued or depressed all week last week once she figured out the puppies were gone. And yes, Kieran knew exactly who Tulley was when within 5 minutes of having mom around, was trying to nurse from her. He hasn’t nursed on her in over a month, or seen her in 3 weeks!

We’d meet back up with the Gilles Family for dinner that night. In the meantime, Cameron, London and I headed to North East Reno to pick up Cameron’s mounted Antelope Buck Head. It looks really good and then Taxidermist gave me a crash course in making faux rocks to decorate below the mount at some future date. Unfortunately, one of the main ingredients to do so is a bit pungent and not good for me to breathe in while pregnant so that project will have to wait – not that we don’t have plenty to do in the meantime.

Then it was back to the Gilleses for dinner, where we met the rest of the family, as both sets of grandparents came over as well. The whole family is full of lab lovers and got quite the kick out of seeing Tulley and Kieran playing. At one point Kieran cam inside and fell asleep under the table – all my petting didn’t faze him. We all agreed Tulley had worn him out. But of course Tulley wasn’t done and eventually came and woke him up for some more fun.

The best part for me was that Jason and Claire’s daughter Haley, who is 12, loves London, and spent hours entertaining her, sliding and running around the backyard, so I could sit and relax, which was good given Reno had sent me into a full blown allergy attack.

It was a long day and London did lose it at one point. We’ve never seen a tantrum like this out of her before. She was throwing herself all over and no matter what we did to try and calm her down, nothing worked. She literally just has to wear herself out. Finally, she communicated that she would like some Moo and all was well. We made it home around 11 PM and we all slept in.

Not that we could relax too much Sunday. We had to run to the store to get the makings for my summertime pasta salad for a family BBQ with Vicki’s Underhill Cousins later that day, just North of Sacramento. I was moving slow, which meant it took me an absurd amount of time to get the pasta salad made, but I did get it made in time to get it in the fridge to chill before we headed out.

We were actually a bit late as London took a 3 hour nap – we had to wake her up – which meant I found myself with a spare ½ hour and managed to sit, relax and get my toenails polished. This doesn’t happen for me like it used to and it drives me nuts!

We had a lovely afternoon BBQ with the extended family. Vicki and Joe were there, along with Vicki’s Aunt Shirley and Uncle Jim, their 3 sons and various parts of their extended families. The whole reason for the get together was that Shirley and Jim’s son Steve was in town. He lives on the East coast, and isn’t out too often it seems, as I have never met him. We also got to meet a somewhat new family member, Bethany, who married Jim & Shirley’s grandson, Alden last August.

Gary and Jill, who hosted the BBQ, live out near where I work on a beautiful piece of land, and own a horse and Shetland pony. London had a blast seeing both. Plus, Gary and Jill’s granddaughter Riley was there, who London had a fun time interacting with. Riley was gracious enough to let London play with her baby doll and stroller, which London pushed around the whole afternoon, even in the grass (with much frustration I might add) out to see the horses.

Gary and Jill also have a standard poodle, Pierre, who London couldn’t resist. The only animals London wasn’t sure about were the young chickens Jill had in the laundry room – they are just about ready to be transferred out to the chicken coop. Maybe next time, when they look more like Grammy’s chickens, London will be more interested. She loves to chase her Grammy’s.

After the BBQ, all three of us were done in and called it an early evening back at home.

~ Sarah

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