May 23, 2012

Weekend Update: Napa!

Saturday was our group of friends’ 6th Annual Wine trip. Due to some technical difficulties and scheduling conflicts, only 4 couples were able to go. Definitely on the smaller side for this yearly festivity, but fun all the same. This year’s destination was our first return to Napa since the first ever trip for Cameron and Pat’s 30th!

Cameron, Amy & Jason
Of course, this trip also meant no sleeping in for London, Cameron and I. By 8 AM we were dropping London off in her PJs at Lauren’s for a day of spoiling and on the road to American Canyon where we were meeting the Stephens (Matt & Lynde), Johnsons (Kenny & Amy), Millers (Jason & Jess) and the limo.

Lynde & Kenny - they were goofing around too much to notice the camera
I apologize now for the lack of pictures. You would think the sober, pregnant lady of the group could remember to take pictures, but I failed. The only pics we took were in the limo between stops one and two.

Jess, Me & Matt (who was also unaware of the camera)
Over the years we have learned that 3 stops is our limit. Four just ends in disaster. The Millers planned this year’s outing, and the first stop was at Beaulieu Vineyards, better known as BV. We were served in the beautiful club room and everyone sampled 4 reds. First up was the Reserve Pinot Noir, followed by the Reserve Tapestry. The Tapestry was a big hit – enough so that Cameron let me have a sip. Our agreement was that I could have A sip of anything he deemed worthy. And it was – a spicey, full bodied red that would taste delicious on a cool winter’s night (I prefer red in the cold, winter months). That was followed up by a 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon and its 1998 counterpart. I did sample the 1998, but I liked the Tapestry best of the two I sampled.

The cool thing about BV was that when Lynde asked about white wines and a possible white wine-only wine club offering, our server was more than happy to bring her a sample of the 3 whites he could offer her and then created a special wine club to suit her likes only. Both Lynde and Jess walked away as new club members, which resulted in all of our tastings being compted and for hose of us who purchased a bottle, receiving 30 percent off the retail price. All in all, we had a lovely time at BV and the service was fantastic.

Before we knew it we had to head off to our next stop, which was at Trefethen. Had it not been for the slow service I might have better things to say about this stop, but unfortunately, that was not the case. On top of it, at the beginning I had said I was pregnant and therefore not tasting, even though there was a glass sitting in front of me – we definitely didn’t pay to have me taste so this was a mistake on their part all around.

My being pregnant did not stop the server from pouring wine in said glass, which was a bit of tease for me, considering I didn’t have much morning sickness this time around to curb my desire for wine and beer. Oh how I miss a glass of wine at the end of the day.

I ended up taking A small sip and hand the rest off to Cameron or Lynde – well, except for the Harmony Chardonnay, which was a very delicious chardonnay. I did have a few more sips off of that one with Cameron’s permission. We would have considered buying a bottle had the service not taken us the entire time we had at the winery – we almost left without tasting the last of the 5 wines we were there to taste – and that was after the server had tried to skip over one! The one he tried to skip over actually got the best reviews from the table – Dragon’s Tooth.

But, we had a 2:30 appointment at Bouchaine, where a fraternity brother of Cameron, Kenny and Jason’s is tasting manager. Troy was waiting to greet us upon our arrival and had one of the picnic benches out in the beautiful garden waiting for our tasting. Troy basically asked each of us which wines we were interested in trying and would pour us a glass. And he brought out some chilled water for me! Cameron (and I with my few sips) stuck with the whites, trying the Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc. I think all of us walked away wine club members, Cameron and I selecting the whites-only option. We figured we could stock up a little before I can start enjoying wine again on a more regular basis. Plus my mom will be visiting at the end of the month, so I’m sure she’ll like a cold glass of wine or bottle of beer after her flight in.

Since we had to get back to the hotel before our time with the limo was up, Troy volunteered to bring our first delivery from the wine club to us at the hotel and would then join the crew for dinner. Back at the hotel, everyone checked in and got settled into their rooms, before congregating in Kenny & Amy’s.

Cameron and I weren’t staying the night so we had just gone to hang out with them until Troy delivered our wine and we could head home. As all wine trips do, it got a little crazy, and being the pregnant, sober lady that I am these days I was beat from the day and ready to go home when Troy arrived with our wine. I felt bad that we had to leave so quickly after he and his girlfriend had arrived but we’d told Lauren we’d be home between 7 and 8 PM. As it was, we were going to be lucky if we made it back by 8. We were on her doorstep at about 8:10 PM – but that did include a stop to buy Lauren a gift certificate to a nail salon for a pedicure as a thank you for watching London all day.

As soon as we walked through our own door, Cameron put London down, while I put myself down. I was out by 9 PM I think. London wouldn’t wake up until 9 AM Sunday morning, which was a bonus! 12 hours of sleep was blissful.

We spent Sunday at home, working on cleaning the house more, me doing laundry and Cameron started on the framing of the office. Basically, we successfully got the framing that connects to the ceiling up, after Cameron came up with a bracing solution on the side that didn’t have built in studs. We should have almost the whole frame up soon, at least by the end of next weekend when we are home for 3 days.

~ Sarah

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