May 10, 2012

Weekend Update Continued…My Birthday!

Monday was my birthday (I know not really a “weekend day” but in a way, it felt like one – you’ll see!). The day started off with me getting to sleep in little! That’s because we had a prenatal appoint at 9 AM. This also meant that London got to sleep in which made for a happy toddler the morning of my birthday. It’s also always fun when Cameron and I both get to take her into day care.

Not much to report with Baby– all is well and going according to nature’s plan. You have the rest of the update in today’s Baby Bump Update any way.

After the appointment I headed into work as planned only to learn that someone had stolen a length of copper pipe in Rio Linda that had brought down almost all our operations, including internet! My only option to get anything done was to head back home, which I did. I did what I could from home, but without access to email, it made it a bit difficult. My boss and I laughed that this was her birthday present to me.

Since I now didn’t need to leave work late and battle traffic (considering I was already home), Cameron and I decided to take Lynde up on her offer to watch London so Cameron and I could go out to dinner. I was craving sushi and wanted to try a new sushi restaurant up in Folsom, so that is exactly where Cameron and I headed.

Before arriving at the restaurant, we walked through a new home décor store in the Palladio shopping center, Kirkland’s. There was a ton of things I could have spent money on and most fit with our décor theme at home. Cameron and I expected the place to be pretty pricey and we were quite surprised that it wasn’t. We saw several paintings we are now considering for the entrance wall across from where the French doors to Cameron’s new office will be. We were good though and refrained from spending any money there.

From there we walked hand in hand to the sushi restaurant, Blue Nami. We both commented on how weird it was to be holding each other’s hands since we normally have London in between us, holding on to one of our fingers!

Blue Nami was hopping for a Monday night, but we were seated quickly and attended to just as quickly for beverages. We quickly learned that it was Happy Hour and a full page in the menu of Sushi was 50 percent off! We ended up ordering two $4 appetizers (Gyoza for me and Calamari rings for Cameron) and 6 rolls of sushi. All of it was delicious, minus one roll. That roll had garlic, basil, avocado, cream cheese and cashews – a mixture I thought I would love, but found the basil overwhelming. Oh well.

Cameron and I both agreed it’s our new sushi restaurant, especially during Happy Hour. Of course, we couldn’t get too adventurous with the roll selections given that raw fish is a bit of a no-no when pregnant. Stupid potential mercury and parasite issues. I stuck to my favorite Avocado/Cucumber rolls (which I was craving) and a sesame chicken/cream cheese roll (very yummy), though I did convince Cameron to split a spicy tuna/cucumber roll with me so I did get a little taste of the good stuff. What was nice is the avocado/cucumber roll looked to be the size of two rolls so I definitely filled up. And it was all very well priced given Happy Hour – which ended at 8 PM, the time we were leaving.

We will definitely be going back – especially as we eyed all the delicious, fish filled creations the people at the next table ordered. So much to explore in one restaurant! And finally a sushi place we really liked near home! The last place Cameron liked this well as while visiting my parents in Tucson.

But I have to say the best part of the night was coming home to discover Lynde had picked up all of London’s toys in the family room! It was so nice to sit down with a sushi-stuffed belly in a clean room!

After Lynde headed home, Cameron and I settled in to watch a movie of my choice using our free movie pass via AT&T U-Verse (Cameron got it for complaining about something, which was set right and they gave us the pass as a thank you for understanding).

I chose “The Descendents” with George Clooney. It was a more serious movie than I had thought it was, though I didn’t exactly know the story line. Let’s just say it centered around death and infidelity. But the movie did a good job of throwing in a sense of humor when it was getting too serious, and Cameron and I laughed out loud several times. The movie also sparked a good conversation between the two of us about how we’d react if either of us cheated on the other.

In the end, I’d say the movie and discussion it created brought us closer together. We don’t watch new movies very often (we just don’t have the time or desire to spend money on what we see as a gamble of whether it will be good or not) and we watch even less movies that spark conversation like this one did between us. It may sound strange to say, but it topped off an already great birthday. Well, that and the snuggles I got from Tulley toward the end of the movie when she was trying to tell us it was bed time.

~ Sarah

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