May 8, 2012

Weekend Update: Birthdays and Demolition

Friday night we celebrated Cinco de Mayo a little early by heading to our favorite Mexican restaurant with Matt & Lynde for dinner. And we discovered we may be closer to potty training with London than we thought. She’s beginning to say “dirty” before she has soiled her diaper! Yippee is all I can say – it would be awesome to have her out of diapers by the time baby arrives.

The poor girl also likes to do her business in private, which was not possible at the dinner table while strapped into the high chair. We could not help but laugh as London covered her eyes with her hands for the privacy she required as she worked through her business. The best/worst part was when she let out a little sigh of relief! Poor girl and Cameron – I was still mid-meal so he had the pleasure of taking London to the car to take care of her and the diaper.

Saturday was our busy weekend day. It started with London’s last Swim Lesson. I made sure to take some more photos and video before the camera battery died. Hopefully, my posts will include more photos again soon. Cameron called HP about our laptop on Friday and we are now awaiting the arrival of a new hard drive, which is suspected as being the root cause to our computer issues.

After swim lessons, we headed home for a quick refresher before heading up to Biggs to celebrate Cameron’s stepdad, Joe’s birthday with most of the family. Unfortunately, it was also a very windy day and given I was/am still recovering from my allergy attack from Reno the previous weekend, I refused to go outside.

The wind did not stop the kids though. Vicki had rented a bounce house for the afternoon, so the kids bounced between that and the trampoline all day. Even London bounced to her heart’s content most of the day (under adult supervision of course).

On our way home, we made an impromptu stop to the see Moes again. This time we were able to stay longer than 10 minutes, which was much better. Eventually, London decided it was time to go – she kept grabbing our hands and walking us to the door while saying “bye bye” to Moe and Nicole. She did impress us with her big sister skills though – she was quite attentive to Moe & Nicole’s 5-week-old, Conner’s needs, trying to bring him all his pacifiers. Nicole even let London place one in Conner’s mouth – she was quite gentle. She’s going to make such a good big sister!

We were spent by Saturday night and crashed early.

Sunday was a day at home, but not a quiet one. I spent much of the morning/day picking up the house up while Cameron tended to the yard. Mid-morning we all headed to Lowe’s to buy the supplies we need to build the walls for Cameron’s new office. This trip required two cars as once the truck was loaded up with all the drywall and wood, there was no room for London or I. I wish I’d gotten a picture of the truck all loaded it up - it was quite a sight and required some slow, careful driving. Good thing Lowe’s isn’t too far away from home.

And, that evening Cameron began the demolition! The wall under the stairs is now currently missing its drywall and tonight I believe he plans to remove the drywall in the ceiling and window walls where he needs to construct the door wall. Pretty exciting! Now if we could just keep the cats out from under the stairs! We’ll need to be careful when we drywall this wall back up that no cat is under there!

This post is getting long so stay tuned for what we did for my Birthday on Monday!

~ Sarah

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