May 15, 2012

Toddler Tuesdays: Our Yo Gabba Gabba Monster

We were first introduced to the Nick Jr. children’s program Yo Gabba Gabba on a flight to Tucson at Christmas. A couple had saved a few episodes on their iPad for their 22 month-old son to watch during the flight. They happened to sit in front of us and London saw the show through the cracks between the seats. Before long, she was standing on her seat and looking over the seat.

From there, I would time to time turn the show on, in hopes London could be occupied for a few minutes so I could run upstairs to see to some laundry, run to the bathroom or get some dishes done. It wasn’t until recently that she would sit through an entire episode. And when she did start to sit and be focused on the program for a straight 25 minutes, I have to admit, I loved it – this is especially true when I need to get some dishes completed.

And the 25 minutes of quiet is great for when Cameron and I both need to relax a little after a long day of work before switching into parent and dinner-time more.

The only issue is now if the TV is on, London is asking for “Dabba Dabba” as she calls it. She will literally go get the remote and bring it to you. And she won’t do anything else if the TV is on, unless I turn on music. Which means, even watching the evening news can be a challenge in our house these days. And I’m a little concerned that London isn’t as interested in books as she used to be, particularly when we are downstairs.

I hate that we are using TV as a crutch already but we can’t let her run loose in the yard alone, at least not yet and the stories of neighbors finding snakes in their yards makes me wonder if I ever will feel comfortable with that.

The other problem is, Yo Gabba Gabba is the only show that will keep her attention for this length of time. We’ve tried Mickey’s Clubhouse and Sesame Street, but neither has had the same effect – although she does recognize when she sees Mickey or Minnie on TV by saying Mouse. I wonder what it is about Gabba that keeps her attention that the others lack.

Thankfully, the weather has remained beautiful in the evenings, so to divert London’s attention, we go outside where she throws a few balls around, runs around the patio and plays in her water table. I fear the fall and winter when it gets dark by the time we are home.

~ Sarah

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