May 8, 2012

Toddler Tuesdays: Life Outdoors

Swim lessons finished this last Saturday. And while London will miss the pool, Cameron and I are both happy to not have the obligation of being there every Saturday for a while. I also look forward to not having to make sure the towels, swimsuits and swim diaper are clean by Saturday morning. Expect for one week, I think I ran this laundry load Friday night and/or Saturday morning every week!

The weather has, for the most part, remained beautiful, which means London wants to be outside more and more. The last couple of evenings we have gone out and played with Tulley and done yard work. We even have London throwing a rope left over from the puppies for Tulley to go fetch. Both love the extra attention.

London also loves going for walks in the evening. If we leave the stroller set up and she can access it, she will seat herself in it and try to strap herself in! We definitely need to make evening walks more of a routine in our house – especially since I am no longer running. The first trimester wore me out that I couldn’t muster the energy to run, and now I don’t feel I can resume my running routine until after Baby arrives.

I’m thrilled London loves being outside and I hope this love continues. It’s about time to get her water table set up for the season, so she’ll have a little more stimulation when we are out there too. We also intend to purchase her a few outdoor toys for her birthday to aid in her interest out here. If only our park was built already – she loves the slide and swings but we’re not planning on putting in a play structure ourselves. I guess for now, we’ll have to settle on driving to a nearby park for such playtime.

~ Sarah

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