May 22, 2012

Toddler Tuesdays: First Hair Cut

’ve been putting London’s first hair cut off for well over a month now. And she desperately needs one. London’s hair has a mind of its own, so while I can just barely tuck her hair (and bangs) behind her ears, it doesn’t stay. Part of the problem is that she has a few cowlicks that tell us which direction the hair should go, but also, London has super fine hair, just like her dad and I both have. Ironically, my hair is the healthiest and thickest it has ever been ever since I was pregnant with London.

London’s hair is getting longer which is what we want, but it’s also looking ragged and I want to take her in soon to get her 2-year-old birthday pictures done. And I won’t do that until her hair is cut. I don’t know exactly what is holding me back – Cameron is more against it than I am. To me it is just hair and it will grow back. It’s another first she has reached. I am not saddened by this – I love watching London grow older and develop. And I know I cannot do a decent job of it myself.

I’ve even researched locations and found a salon that specializes in children’s haircuts in Fair Oaks, which is relatively nearby. They even take walk-ins. So why haven’t I made us go one night? I really would like to know why I am procrastinating on this issue. The poor girl needs a haircut, don’t you think?

~ Sarah

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