May 31, 2012

Pony Ride

Memorial Day weekend wasn't completely dedicated to the office remodel. We also had a birthday party to attend - on Cameron's Birthday! And the sad part is Cameron got me out of bed on his birthday with French Toast! Yes, I made him get up with London on his birthday so I could sleep in. He chose to make French Toast for breakfast, although I think it was a ploy to get me out of bed.

Anywho, Saturday afternoon we had Rylie's birthday who is like a cousin to London in a very round about way. There were tons of kids there running around sliding down the water slide/bounce house. I hadn't brought along London's swimsuit as it was actually cooler at our house and a storm was going to be passing over later that afternoon/evening.

Cameron took her into the bounce house but it was a bit too slippery for London from the other kids. I'm sure she was a bit disappointed in not getting to swim but my guess is she would have found the water too cold - many of the kids were shivering after only an hour after we arrived.

But there were tons of other things to do, including a tricycle:

And Jill's pony was out providing pony rides. London finally decided to take a turn after she found the candy!

We all had a good time, especially London, who loves the large yard Gary and Jill have as she can wander to her heart's delight all over. London particularly enjoyed the little table and chairs, so on our way home we stopped in at IKEA and my dad purchased London her own table and chairs as a birthday gift from my mom and him. We'll have it set up in time for her big party this weekend!

And an update on the Office Remodel - after a few hours of frustration, Cameron brought in an electrician today to complete the job. It doesn't help when the electrician even says that work was done sloppy. Man, our builder's electricians were lazy people. For how long it took to build our house, you'd think they'd have done a perfect job.

~ Sarah

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