May 25, 2012

Office Remodel

And now that I have more access to pictures and our laptop again, I bring you a few from the office remodel.

Cameron's first task - remove carpet where the framing will go. Eventually all the carpet will be removed.

Here's the new door, still in the packaging awaiting a frame to go in!


Cameron removing the carpet tack strip. I won't miss those itty bitty nails. This room in particular poked me a lot. Hopefully S&G does a better job on the install so this doesn't happen. 

Our next task was to remove dry wall where necessary. We found a ton of crap under the stairs here, left over from the builders, even a pile of unused nails!Of course, this is the cats favorite place investigate these days. 

More pictures to come. Especially after this weekend. Guess how we'll be spending our 3 day weekend, given London seems pretty close to climbing out of her bed these days. She's going to need her big girl bed sooner than later which means she needs her new room.

~ Sarah

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