May 29, 2012

Office Remodel Update

Guess how Cameron and I spent our 3-day weekend? You guessed it - we worked on the office remodel. Thankfully, my dad was in town and took London on several long walks around the neighborhood as well as picnic lunches in the backyard to keep her entertained and occupied, particularly when our house sounded like a firing range. I know I took more pictures along the way than what is below but they seem to have disappeared from the camera and laptop. Oh well, there are still plenty.

Saturday we got the first wall up:

Sunday we got the first third of the second wall up: 

And Cameron also got some of the electrical started:

This included moving this outlet to the new wall versus the stair wall:

Installing this new outlet on the larger, outer wall:

And installing an outlet in the pantry so that someday we can move the wine fridge in there. It's something we are contemplating:

And on Memorial Day we completed the large outwall:

Which included installing the door: 

Cameron also got a good headstart on the electrical that controls the room's fan and light, the hall lights and the front porch lights. He hopes to have all the electrical completed tonight and we may even get to some drywalling by the end of the week. We definitely made a few trips to Lowe's throughout the weekend, and having my dad stay home with London made those trips so much easier! We're sure we have a few more trips in our future before this room is complete. The good news is my mom gets in tomorrow evening for London's birthday bash this weekend, so hopefully we can make some good progress before the party on Saturday. I guess it all depends on how I'm feeling at the end of the day after work. While I have more energy than I did in the first trimester, I'm still exhausted at the end of a long day of work plus the commute.

~ Sarah

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