May 14, 2012

Motherhood Mondays & Weekend Update: My Mother's Day WEEKEND

Happy belated Mother’s Day! I hope all you Mother’s had a wonderful day doing exactly what you wanted to be doing. My Mother’s Day was more of a Mother’s Weekend, which in some ways started Thursday night.

On Wednesday I had worked an open house for my company down in Modesto. On the way home, I’d picked up some fresh strawberries to make a fresh strawberry pie that I was craving. The problem was the open house and being on my feet all day, not to mention the heat in Modesto, left me tired Thursday. And while I normally love to bake, I wasn’t looking forward to it Thursday night as all I wanted to do was sit. Lucky for me, Cameron took control and had made the pies for me. The house smelled so yummy when London and I got home.

Friday I got home early thanks to a work open house in West Sacramento – I made it home just in time for a migraine to hit and took a 3 hour nap which alleviated the situation. When I picked London up from day care, a cute flower card and photo flip book was waiting for me, London’s Mother’s day gift to me : ). Cameron and I had discussed earlier in the week that this was likely the only way I’d receive a card or gift from London.

Saturday began early for all three of us as we headed to Cal Expo to participate in the Komen Race for the Cure. This had been my request for the weekend – to participate in the walk with my family. The best part – I still fit in the small T-shirt I had registered for before I knew I was pregnant! Cameron and I had fun talking and people watching as we power-walked our way through the crowds. While attendance was down for the event thanks to the Planned Parenthood issues from January, there were still 18,000-20,000 people out there. London was happy once we set out on the walk – waiting is definitely not her forte.

Back at home, Cameron made me homemade waffles which I topped with melted butter, light cool whip and strawberry pie filling. Yummy! This is also when I discovered Cameron though Saturday was Mother’s Day. Worked for me. We all were worn out by London’s nap time, so we all took a nap until my dad arrived for the weekend. He was stopping in on his way to Chico where he will be working for the next couple of weeks. He got to get London up from her nap when she awoke. London was quite excited to have her Grandpa come to her rescue.

We were still tuckered from our walk and Dad was tired from driving so life in our house was pretty bland that evening outside the Chili Verde Cameron made for dinner. And Mother’s Day itself was pretty low key as well. We skyped with my mom in the morning to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day and tell her we wished she was there with us as well. My dad also took London for a long walk while Cameron and I set to complete the demolition in the front room. This would be a slow, all day process and at one point, Cameron looked more like a ghost than a person, he was so covered in a fine white dust after sawing out some drywall in the ceiling!

We completed the day barbequing with Matt & Lynde. We also pulled out London’s water table after she began playing in the dog water bowl outside – which led to her going between her water table and the dog bowl! She was soaked and needed a warm bath before dinner was ready. We all dined on some delicious steaks, bbq’d corn on the cob, mexican salad and garlic bread. And I spend the rest of the evening working on London’s stocking, instead of worrying about the dishes. Of course I have those waiting for me tonight! At least I can say I am a mere few hours from completing her stocking! About time, considering I have another one to start and this will be London’s 3rd Christmas!

All in all, it was just what I wanted and needed for the weekend after several busy and upcoming busy weekends. The only rough part was saying by to my dad this morning. The second London saw him this morning she ran in to get a hug. She will be a bit disappointed to discover Grandpa is gone when we get home this evening.

~ Sarah

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