May 22, 2012

Motherhood Mondays: Tattoos

Anyone who knows me outside of work knows I have tattoos – seven currently. I got my first one at age 18 and my last one a few months before I got married. I’m not sure if I’m done either. Only time will tell. People often ask if I wish I hadn’t got them or regret any of them. The answer is no. Sure, a few are ready for some touch-ups but I still love each one and what it represents.

A while ago I read about a mother who was arrested for taking her 10-year-old to get a tattoo. You can read the article here. Now her son wanted to get a tattoo to memorial his older brother who had been hit by a car at age 12. Many tattoos are memorials. And I can see where the child is coming from.

Cameron and I have had discussions about tattoos and what we would do if London came to us asking for one (obviously, we hope this is many years from now). And obviously, I can’t condem them. Cameron doesn’t have any tattoos, so technically he could, but most likely he would refer London to me. So here are my tattoo rules:

  1. First, London will have to wait until she is 18.
  2. Then I would want her to think long and hard about what she wants, where and why. The where definitely will be important when it comes to her desired career. I figured I would need to keep my tattoos covered in the workplace before I got my first one, and I do. Which means you will never see me in a skirt, capris or shorts at work. And that’s why I’ve never gotten a wrist or arm tattoo.
  3. And finally, I have to take her to get her first. I want to make sure it’s safe and that quality work is completed. It’s permanent after all. I’ve seen far too many tattoos I would be highly upset about having with the way the black outlines are almost as thick as the design, taking away from the detail.

How would you handle it if your child came home wanting a tattoo?


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