May 24, 2012

Garden Update & Pics

While I mentioned we put a garden in this year, I was never able to get pictures up. I know I have some from the beginning that I need to fish out, but this is a picture of our garden this week.

As you can see the grapes are out of control, and the good news is, there are tiny grape bunches all over the two vines that you can see - the one of the other side of the cement pad is not producing much.

In the bottom of the barrels is garlic that we plants two winters ago, but was not ready for harvest last summer. We left it, as we really just like it for the greenery it provides, but we may have to dig one up around harvest this year, just to see what it yields. 

And while, from this picture, the garden doesn't look like much, it is thriving. We only lost one corn stalk in the storm that hit the day after we planted everything and the tomato plants are really going gang busters.

And here are our artichokes up against the back fence. The one of the left was actually the bigger of the two plants we purchased but had a harder time adjusting to the transplant. So, in the meantime, the one of the left took over and is flourishing. The one of the left is doing better and growing, and has finally stopped wilting in the afternoon heat. We probably won't get any artichokes off these this year, but hopefully next year!

~ Sarah

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