May 2, 2012

Another Baby Update

Some of you may be wondering, for those that have visited our home, where the new Baby Cenedella is going to go? We have a 3 bedroom house – one room occupied by Cameron and Myself, along with Tulley and Kelsey most of the time, one room filled with London and one room dedicated as Cameron’s office.

Luckily, when we were looking at homes, we knew we needed more space than just a few bedrooms, kitchen and family room. Which is why we also have a formal living or dining room at the front of our home and a loft space. The loft space we intend to always use as a second TV room, and it is set up as such, coming in very handy when we 35 people over for Super Bowl this year.

The formal living or dining room is open to the rest of the house and when we moved in, it served as my office since I also worked from home. Then I got laid off. And the new job that I have landed and been in for over a year now requires that I work from the office most days. So my office space has become a collection-room of sorts, gathering anything and everything we bring through the front door but don’t feel like putting away. This includes food from Costco or purchases from Target or Petsmart or everything that accumulated in the car that we finally decide to clean it out.

Well, this informal dumping ground will be no more soon. Here’s the plan: Cameron is going to wall up my old office, adding in some beautiful French, glass doors we purchased, and just recently received from Home Depot, and turn this room into his new office.

Cameron’s old office we will then paint and decorate for London, which will include a big girl bed. We plan to move her into this room about a month before Baby arrives. It’s the bigger of the two rooms and with her room already set up as a nursery, and knowing there will be adjustment on her part when Baby arrives, we figured a new room would soften the blow.

Which means London’s room will become Baby’s room. If we have a girl, there will be nothing to change, except bringing the changing table back in and raising the mattress to newborn level again. If Baby is a boy, we have an easy plan to change the room from girl to boy – we’ll simply paint whatever is purple and aqua blue and purchase a baby bedding set in a Marine Life theme. I’ve even got the bed set picked out on Amazon in case. All that is purple in London’s room is the window seal, the trim to the closet, two shelves and a table that holds the humidifier. London will have to part with some books and stuffed animals that I passed down to her, but I’ll make sure she keeps her favorites.

So as you can see, we have a lot to do in not so much time. Baby is set to arrive in just 6 months!

Back to Cameron’s new office, the biggest step was purchasing and receiving the French doors. And last night we made the final decision and major purchase of the room. We’d been going back and forth on whether to leave the current carpet, remove it and tile the room or remove it and get new carpet. We quickly knew removing was the way we wanted to go as Melody, for the most part, has done her part in destroying the carpet and is why she is not allowed to sleep wherever she wants in the house but must be supervised (aka closed up in our closet).

At first we were really leaning toward tile, even after we found out matching the tile in our house would not be possible. We looked and brought several samples of alternatives home, but couldn’t decide on one, so we decided to investigate carpet. Last night we went to Lowe’s and we were disappointed with the experience and what we found. But I’d heard a radio ad for S&G Carpet and had seen that there was a store just down the road from our Lowe’s, so we ran over there to check them out.

We were met by a very friendly salesman who asked us some great questions and answered all of us. And up on the wall of remnants was this olivey-colored carpet. Cameron is drawn to green carpet, particularly the forest green variety, which I don’t care for at all. But this olivey color intrigued me. It is going to be his office. I could compromise on the green if he went with this color. Cameron liked it too. We bought the remnant by the time we walked out last night.

It’s a little bit bigger than we need, which is good. Never hurts to have some leftovers for patches, like when you dog chews a hole in the carpet!

We also learned that replacing the pad underneath would be a small cost, so we’re adding that in. plus, S&G will install it when Cameron has the frame up and ready. S&G also said they would be more than happy to look at the other hole Tulley has left in our carpet in the family room and probably be able to fix it with the remnants of the carpet in there at no charge!

Cameron and I have been trying to make an effort to buy local when we can and I am so glad we checked out S&G versus dealing with Lowe’s on the carpet. They were so friendly and amendable to the situation (the fact that we really don’t have a clue to the exact date we will need the carpet installed so they are holding it for us). Plus, they had a kids’ center set up with Duplo blocks! London had a grand time here while Cameron put down the deposit. London also just had a ball being let loose in a store. What harm could she do to carpet, so as long as I could see her, she ran around to her heart’s content. All the S&G people just watched and smiled while helping us make a selection.


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