Apr 24, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up: Chico, Babies, Puppies & Gardening

Friday evening found me exhausted and with a busy Saturday ahead of us, I left Cameron to fend for himself while I called it a night at 9 PM! The sad part is that my energy had started to come back earlier in the week, but I guess I over did it because it was gone again by Friday. I did stay up late several nights.

On to our weekend. Saturday started off with swim lessons as usual. Only two more lessons left! What is our girl to do when they are over? London had a good time and did a great job kicking, but seemed to be wanting me more than the pool – Cameron was in the pool with her while I watched from the sidelines, so she was ready to get out and go about 5 minutes before class ended. This worked in our favor as we were heading up to Chico for my hair appointment. Only problem was, while Cameron was dealing with other things around the house that morning, I’d forgotten to pack his pants for the trip up. We had to run back home, adding another 15-20 minutes to our trip that we were already on a tight schedule for, so Cameron had something more to wear than just a towel. This meant I was a little late to my hair appointment. Lucky for me, Martin is pretty understanding.

While I was getting my hair prettified, Cameron took London out to lunch for a little father-daughter date, hung out with the Carlsons and Tulley’s pup Dakota and then headed downtown to replace the Birkenstock’s he bought new for our wedding and has almost worn a hole into. They were a little late picking me up and then we dashed back home as we had a stop in Yuba City to make before picking the truck from getting serviced up in Folsom.

In Yuba City we stopped in to see the Moes – all 4 of them, including 3-week-old Connor. We could have been there all evening catching up with them and meeting this beautiful baby boy, but we were on a tight ship. I feel so bad that we were only there 10-15 minutes. We definitely need to get back up there soon.

By the time we were home after picking up the truck I was exhausted and again turned in early. I was beginning to think that my energy return was just a small burst and not the actual thing.

Thankfully, that was not the case on Sunday. Sunday morning we waited around for Boston (formerly Shadow)’s new owner to come pick him up. Boston is the name his new owner gave him, Boss for short. While waiting I managed to get the kitchen cleaned up as well as got Laundry started for the day. Cameron, meanwhile, was out in the yard mowing the lawn (which included our old lawn mower dying for good and Cameron running to Lowe’s to purchase a new one – good thing for all this extra puppy money!), and preparing part of the backyard for a summer vegetable garden.

London was down for her nap when Boston’s new owner showed up, so I was in the front yard pruning the lavender bushes and dead-heading my daffodils, so we brought both Boston and Zoey out to play a little while we chatted and handed Boston off. Our neighbor across the street and a few houses down, Kelsey, and her boyfriend Mike were also out doing yard work at this time and came over to see the puppies. They asked if we had any left and we said that we had Zoey still looking for a home. Mike started asking more questions and before we knew it, they were taking Zoey home for a test run to see if they really were ready for a puppy, given both he and Kelsey are in law school and about to take their finals.

With no puppies to worry about for the afternoon and evening, and London up from her nap, we headed up to the new Green Acres Nursery in Folsom. The nursery is locally owned and has about 4 locations, Folsom being the newest. And it’s huge, both indoors and outdoors. Plus, it’s staffed by knowledgeable people – each section is staffed by a person knowledgeable to that specific section, whether its vegetables or irrigation.

We picked up 4 tomato plants, a cucumber plant, corn, bell peppers and chili peppers, basil, Italian parsley and two artichoke plants as well as some irrigation supplies for the new garden! And all at a very reasonable price.

Back at home, Cameron got back to work preparing the backyard for all our purchases, which included rototilling the dirt he had delivered last weekend into our current dirt. London and I continued with the cleaning and laundry inside.

It has gone into disaster mode since I lost all my energy with the pregnancy, so getting most of the dishes and laundry done, as well as vacuuming the family room was a huge undertaking.

But oh, did it feel so good to sit down and relax in a clean family room that night. After London went to bed, I went into the backyard to help Cameron. It was a beautiful evening and I was ready to plant. But Cameron decided the ground isn’t quite ready for the planting, so I ended up just planting my basil and parsley in my herb wine barrel and then did some weeding and dead-heading in some other pots.

It was one of those nice nights that made me wish we had patio furniture to sit back and relax in while in our backyard. Some day. It was hard to go back in, until it was almost completely dark and the bugs started their descent upon us. We were able to open all the windows and enjoyed the spring breeze that was coming through. And I spent the rest of the evening working on London’s stocking. I am so close to being done with it! And I have the new baby’s pattern picked out so I’m getting antsy to start it – I want this kid to have a real stocking before his or her third Christmas!

Hopefully my energy remains. If it does, the stocking should be done by the end of the month!

And the test run with Kelsey, mike and Molly (formerly Zoey) went very well. When we walked over last night to check on all of them, they declared her a keeper. Cameron handed off the last off her puppy food and we said our goodbyes. Not that it was a forever goodbye. With her being across the street, we’ll get to see her grow up and probably arrange play dates between her and Tulley since the two of them got a long so well. It has been pretty quiet in our house since Sunday with no puppies wrestling around. I think Tulley knows they are gone, as she seems a little depressed and has been even more clingy to London. Yesterday and this morning, Tulley led me up to London’s room when it was time to get her up and whined at London until she was out of the crib. I could see her sleeping in London’s room once London moves to a big girl bed.

Sorry for the long post – guess it was an eventful weekend!


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