Apr 2, 2012

Week 6

Another week and these puppies start heading off to their forever homes! They have come a long way from Day 1, both in size and personalities. You can definitely tell which are going to be tall and which will be short. 

We take them in for their first shots today. I'm sure the vet and staff will love the visit. But the thought of corralling 12 puppies gives me a little bit of a headache. 

So far, we have 5 puppies spoken for. Cameron is also speaking with two other people, so that number could jump to 7 this weekend. He's going to be taking the unspoken for pups up to Reno this weekend for one of the people he is talking to, and hopefully show 3 or 4 more to others. Fingers crossed he doesn't come home with any (all there is one short, round and spunky little girl I've dubbed Eleanor after the Chipette that I wouldn't mind staying behind with me).

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