Apr 4, 2012

Week 6 - Update

The puppies did great at their check-up and with their shots. The vet said they are all doing well. He actually said he was quite surprised all were doing so well and were healthy, as with a litter this size, that is normally not the case. He also said that the health of the litter is a statement about what good owners we are. (This is all hearsay from Cameron - I ended up sitting in the car during the whole appointment with London).

Another indicator was our recognizing something was wrong when Tulley's head would shake while nursing the pups, a sign of calcium deficiency. We caught it well before it became a problem and took the proper steps to combat it and fix it. The vet said he has had 3 dogs come in since Tulley's dozen were born, in emergency situations, with calcium deficiency. To be honest, I don't know how people wouldn't worry and let it get to an emergency situation. Tulley's head shaking was not normal to me and worried me from the get go.

Also, another friend who came to pick out his puppy on Saturday said the worst these pups will turn out to be will be great house dogs. He was amazed at how calm each one really is, especially for a lab puppy, but at the same time he knows both Tulley and Tucker and can't be that surprised.

Last night, all the puppies were pretty pooped out from their adventure to the vet. When we'd walk into the garage they'd barely get up and didn't even bark. They are all back to themselves this morning, Cameron reports. And soon they will be leaving us one by one. It's going to be so strange not to have a swarm of black some running at your every time you walk into the garage. Although, I'm sure Tulley will be happy to get back to her old routine of my feeding her first thing in the morning. I don't currently because I have to go into the garage to get to her food and that would mean waking the puppies, who would then make a ruckus until they got fed.


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