Apr 24, 2012

Toddler Tuesdays: Pajama & Teddy Bear Day Fail

I failed as an attentive mom today. All month I have been looking at the Froggy Room’s March Activities Calendar on the fridge, telling myself that I really needed to fish the April calendar out of the car and put it up instead.

I thought I had most major days covered and in my head – we brought in plastic eggs for the Easter Egg hunt. This Friday is Zoo day and Cameron is London’s appointed parent chaperone.

But when I dropped London off today, I noticed her friend Evan was still in his PJs. And that’s when I realized it was Pajama day. When I checked the calendar next to the classroom door, I realized it wasn’t just Pajama Day – it was also Teddy Bear day! And that’s how I turned Cameron into “mean daddy” as he put it.

As soon as I realized my mistake, I called Cameron for help, since he’s working from home today so he can take Tulley to the vet (we think she has a UTI), and asked him to bring in a pair of London’s PJs and her stuffed Tulley Dog that she sleeps with every night into the day care.

As soon as he could sneak away for a break, he was there with said items. Seeing Dad there, London assumed it was time to go home, so she started waving and saying goodbye. Cameron’s report back to me upon his telling London that she was staying was that she burst into tears, just streaming down her face. I know she loves her time at daycare, but I also get her confusion – when we show up, it does mean time to go (usually) and I know she still lacks the concept of time, so to her she had been there a whole day. Poor baby.

That will teach me to put the calendar up in a timely fashion and study it ahead of time! Ahh mommy lessons learned the hard way.


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