Apr 18, 2012

Toddler Tuesday: First Word Flash Cards

Note: Sorry, meant to get this up last night but ended up going to Kohl's for Spring/Summer clothes shopping for London instead. Glad that its spring but I swear the girl doesn't stop growing - London is in 3T clothing now!

No, Easter did not pass us by this year without any acknowledgement. Cameron’s mom, Joe and his stepbrother James and his family joined us for our now annual tradition of making homemade pizza for Easter. We’ve been doing this since we got married and, thinking we would be stuck at home with more than two puppies, made it clear that if family wanted to spend Easter with us, they’d have to come to us.

Cameron and I are not religious in any way, so in some ways Easter really is just another Sunday to us. But we also want London and our pending arrival to enjoy their childhoods so having the pizza making tradition and observing the Easter Bunny has become a part of our Easter.

Unfortunately, Cameron was already feeling the beginnings of our head colds on Easter morning (actually, Saturday night) so he didn’t get up until I was well into some necessary house cleaning, so London didn’t get her Easter Basket until that evening, after dinner and after every one had left. And ever since the strawberry milk/sugar high disaster from our trip to Disneyland, this basket did not contain a single ounce of sugar.

We also have to be careful with London and candy as we have discovered that she has an intolerance for certain food dyes – but I’ll talk about that some other time.

London’s Easter Basket contained several new coloring books, some new crayons, sunglasses, bubbles and some flash cards. Lately, I’ve been feeling like London may be a little behind in her vocabulary skills and had seen the daycare using flash cards. Basically the kid that says the word of the picture on the flash card gets to hold the card.

London instantly wanted to open the new box of flash cards when she saw them and then proceeded to throw them all over the floor.

But over the last week, after each time I have picked up all the cards and put them back in the box, London has brought me it to play with. I’ll take a few cards out and go through them with her, even if the activity only lasts 5 minutes. The girl definitely has her animal sounds down – now if I could just get her to say the animal name, like horse instead of nay, cat instead of meow, and cow instead of moo. What’s funny is she can say moo but won’t say moon. Instead she says nite nite when I show her the moon card. At least she has association going on. And hopefully soon we’ll start hearing more words and can better communicate with London because of it. It is amazing how much she does comprehend and I am told she will have a spurt around age 2 (which is less than two months away) so I’m crossing my fingers.

I also have a sneaking suspicion that she says more at daycare than at home because she knows she can get away with it.

~ Sarah

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