Apr 23, 2012

Food Dyes and Fake Blueberries

I recently mentioned that we have to be careful with London and candy all because she has a food dye sensitivity. Mainly, after ingesting Red or Blue dye, she breaks out with a knarly and painful looking diaper rash – the girl will run for her life to avoid having her diaper changed and will cry the entire time she’s being cleaned. The only way to clear this up is a combination of baths and Desitin diaper cream.

Cameron and I both read an article on Yahoo a while back about how when you buy a product that says it has blueberries in it, such as Eggo’s Blueberry pancakes, the reality is that there really isn’t blueberries in the product, or there may be some, but could also include red and blue dyes. You can read the article here.

At the time, it wasn’t anything that concerned us. If we wanted true blueberries waffles or pancakes, we would just make them from scratch. And reading this information also didn’t stop us from purchasing Eggo’s Blueberry waffles at Costco one time, as we were finding waffles were quick weekend breakfast selections for London.

The first day London had a bite of these waffles was shortly thereafter and she’d actually only had 3 bites because the blueberry waffles were mine – I had fed her the last of the mini waffles. That evening she had the knarly diaper rash and Cameron and I both speculated it must have been an allergic reaction to something she ate, but what? The thought of the blueberry waffles never crossed my mind, she’d had so little of it.

The next weekend, I fed London her own blueberry waffle. Sure enough, by late afternoon the rash had reappeared. That’s when Cameron and I dissected what she ate and determined it must be the waffles. So now we have a freezer full of Blueberry waffles that we don’t dare eat in front of London.

Then we went rash free for a while. Until London had Jello at daycare for the St. Patrick’s Day party – Jello I had prepared. It hadn’t occurred to me to worry about Jello. But Saturday morning, the day after, she had the rash. That’s when we decided she was really sensitive to the dyes and needed to be much more mindful of her intake of such colors.

We’ve since had to educate the daycare on the issue - when we first tried to explain it to them, it was because they were serving her blueberry pancakes. They didn’t grasp that it was dyes, not blueberries she had an issue with. We even had to get a doctor’s note to put the sensitivity on record with them. And they have not always been cognizant of it, as she came home with that same rash over Easter Weekend – I’m sure she had something with the dye from their Easter party – maybe a frosted sugar cookie.

I definitely hope this is something London grows out of, as she will be quite limited in what she can have when it comes to sweets – but maybe that’s not such a bad thing, either.


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