Apr 18, 2012

Baby on Board!

So I send out an email last Tuesday announcing that Cameron and I are expecting a sibling for London in October and promise to get the peanut ultra sound pic scanned and uploaded to the blog...

And then nothing - nothing happens at all.

Sorry but a nasty viral head cold had me sidelined for days. Even Cameron had something nasty going on. I felt horrible at work all day Wednesday and spent Thursday and Friday dead in bed. And now I owe you all kinds of updates.

First, the Pregnancy, and Pending Arrival of Baby #2
I will try to dedicate Wednesdays to the new baby and pregnancy as best I can (the first post is already up). I have to warn you all, this child has stolen almost all my energy and between London, work and the puppies, the rest is mostly taken. Poor Cameron is last on my list not because I want him to be but because he doesn't demand attention like the rest. Thank you for your patience, sweetie.

Besides being overly tired almost all the time (I go to bed much earlier these days including a Friday where I went to bed at 7:30 PM with London, woke up the next day at 7 AM and was still tired the entire day) and this nasty cold, I’ve mainly been plagued by headaches which can partly be attributed to allergies. Of course, they tell me I can take Claritin D but then after speaking with the doctor last Tuesday, was advised to take it only once a day, preferably less, and then after seeing a different doctor for my cold on Friday, advised not to take it unless it is absolutely necessary. So the cold is headed out but the headaches continue.

I’m also already showing enough to warrant maternity belly bands to hold my unbuttoned pants up as well as my maternity shirts to hide the belly bands! Luckily, I have not lost my appetite for meat, like I did with London, but the sweet tooth I had in my final trimester with London is already here. Some of that may be because of the headaches and the fact that I can feel when my blood sugar dips.

Second, Puppy Update
Amazingly, we only have two puppies at home – a female and a male. And while they are adorable, and I love them, we need to find homes for them quick - well at least one of them. Both Cameron and I waver on whether to keep one.  We are trying to train Shadow (formerly known as Spot as he has 4 white hairs on his chest - I finally talked Cameron out of the name) and Zoey, so that they don’t miss out on important training during such a critical time. Basically, we’re working on sitting, potty training to some extent and not jumping up, as well as eating when given the command - all things we worked with Tulley on the second she arrived home. It is definitely harder with two puppies.

As soon as we do off load these cuties we’ll be planning a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium as we are way over due in taking London there for the first time. She has gotten very used to visiting PetSmart because when we drive by she says “meow” as she knows that’s where we go to visit the kitties and fish. London has also recently mastered the fish pucker.

Third, and last, Swim Lessons Update
This last Saturday was London’s 3rd of 6 swim lessons. Cameron took her since I was more under the weather than he was while I stayed home and mustered some energy to get a little cleaning done – for about an hour we could see the surface of our kitchen Island!

London is still hesitant on blowing bubbles. Cameron's report this week was that she more “licked” the water than blew. And she isn’t quite interested in doing what she is supposed to during class – she really just likes being in the water and splashing around, even when her lips are blue and teeth chattering. As soon as we take her out at the end of class she is clamoring to get back in to the pool.


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