Apr 25, 2012

Baby Bump Wednesday

Ok, is it just me? When I look at the fruit of vegetable listed versus the average size, this week a peach and 2.9 inches, does this not add up? 2.9 inches is a very small peach in my mind – more like a plum. I may begin coming up with my own fruit or vegetable each week starting next week, as both Cameron and I are dumbfounded. Maybe it’s because we live in Sunny California and are spoiled by our fresh produce, but it really makes me wonder.

How far along: 13 weeks

What Fruit or Vegetable size is Baby: A Peach

Average Size: 2.9 inches, .81 oz.

What’s going on with Baby’s development: Baby is forming teeth and vocal cords. It is also approaching normal proportions so the head is now only one third the size of the body. I’m also in the last week of the 1st trimester and baby has developed fingerprints.

Total weight gain: still only 3 lbs. Won’t know again until my next appointment, which is my birthday. I don’t want to know in between.

Maternity clothes: Bebands and maternity shirts for work, maternity everything for no work outfits outside of sweatpants and tank tops.

Stretch marks: No new ones yet.

Sleep: Still getting up 1-2 times a night to pee and enjoying the last month I can sleep on my back. Definitely feel the extra body heat – I hardly need a blanket these days, though Tulley helps being completely snuggled up to me every night.

Best moment of this last week: Starting to feel my energy return and getting a handle back on the kitchen and family room in terms of cleaning!

Miss anything: Wine, Corona

Movement: None yet and probably not for a little while still.

Food cravings: Fresh fruit and raspberry-flavored tea, gummy worms, watermelon and coincidently, peaches over the last week.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Have you started to show yet: Oh yes but not enough for people to ask me when I’m due yet

Gender: still unknown – 7 weeks to go

Labor signs: None and better not have any. Planned C-section here we come!

Belly button in or out: In, though its working its way out
Wedding rings on or off: Just my engagement ring is currently on

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy and starting to feel more energized

Looking forward to in the next week: Completing London’s stocking as I have this baby’s stocking picked out to start, getting the house even cleaner


Apr 24, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up: Chico, Babies, Puppies & Gardening

Friday evening found me exhausted and with a busy Saturday ahead of us, I left Cameron to fend for himself while I called it a night at 9 PM! The sad part is that my energy had started to come back earlier in the week, but I guess I over did it because it was gone again by Friday. I did stay up late several nights.

On to our weekend. Saturday started off with swim lessons as usual. Only two more lessons left! What is our girl to do when they are over? London had a good time and did a great job kicking, but seemed to be wanting me more than the pool – Cameron was in the pool with her while I watched from the sidelines, so she was ready to get out and go about 5 minutes before class ended. This worked in our favor as we were heading up to Chico for my hair appointment. Only problem was, while Cameron was dealing with other things around the house that morning, I’d forgotten to pack his pants for the trip up. We had to run back home, adding another 15-20 minutes to our trip that we were already on a tight schedule for, so Cameron had something more to wear than just a towel. This meant I was a little late to my hair appointment. Lucky for me, Martin is pretty understanding.

While I was getting my hair prettified, Cameron took London out to lunch for a little father-daughter date, hung out with the Carlsons and Tulley’s pup Dakota and then headed downtown to replace the Birkenstock’s he bought new for our wedding and has almost worn a hole into. They were a little late picking me up and then we dashed back home as we had a stop in Yuba City to make before picking the truck from getting serviced up in Folsom.

In Yuba City we stopped in to see the Moes – all 4 of them, including 3-week-old Connor. We could have been there all evening catching up with them and meeting this beautiful baby boy, but we were on a tight ship. I feel so bad that we were only there 10-15 minutes. We definitely need to get back up there soon.

By the time we were home after picking up the truck I was exhausted and again turned in early. I was beginning to think that my energy return was just a small burst and not the actual thing.

Thankfully, that was not the case on Sunday. Sunday morning we waited around for Boston (formerly Shadow)’s new owner to come pick him up. Boston is the name his new owner gave him, Boss for short. While waiting I managed to get the kitchen cleaned up as well as got Laundry started for the day. Cameron, meanwhile, was out in the yard mowing the lawn (which included our old lawn mower dying for good and Cameron running to Lowe’s to purchase a new one – good thing for all this extra puppy money!), and preparing part of the backyard for a summer vegetable garden.

London was down for her nap when Boston’s new owner showed up, so I was in the front yard pruning the lavender bushes and dead-heading my daffodils, so we brought both Boston and Zoey out to play a little while we chatted and handed Boston off. Our neighbor across the street and a few houses down, Kelsey, and her boyfriend Mike were also out doing yard work at this time and came over to see the puppies. They asked if we had any left and we said that we had Zoey still looking for a home. Mike started asking more questions and before we knew it, they were taking Zoey home for a test run to see if they really were ready for a puppy, given both he and Kelsey are in law school and about to take their finals.

With no puppies to worry about for the afternoon and evening, and London up from her nap, we headed up to the new Green Acres Nursery in Folsom. The nursery is locally owned and has about 4 locations, Folsom being the newest. And it’s huge, both indoors and outdoors. Plus, it’s staffed by knowledgeable people – each section is staffed by a person knowledgeable to that specific section, whether its vegetables or irrigation.

We picked up 4 tomato plants, a cucumber plant, corn, bell peppers and chili peppers, basil, Italian parsley and two artichoke plants as well as some irrigation supplies for the new garden! And all at a very reasonable price.

Back at home, Cameron got back to work preparing the backyard for all our purchases, which included rototilling the dirt he had delivered last weekend into our current dirt. London and I continued with the cleaning and laundry inside.

It has gone into disaster mode since I lost all my energy with the pregnancy, so getting most of the dishes and laundry done, as well as vacuuming the family room was a huge undertaking.

But oh, did it feel so good to sit down and relax in a clean family room that night. After London went to bed, I went into the backyard to help Cameron. It was a beautiful evening and I was ready to plant. But Cameron decided the ground isn’t quite ready for the planting, so I ended up just planting my basil and parsley in my herb wine barrel and then did some weeding and dead-heading in some other pots.

It was one of those nice nights that made me wish we had patio furniture to sit back and relax in while in our backyard. Some day. It was hard to go back in, until it was almost completely dark and the bugs started their descent upon us. We were able to open all the windows and enjoyed the spring breeze that was coming through. And I spent the rest of the evening working on London’s stocking. I am so close to being done with it! And I have the new baby’s pattern picked out so I’m getting antsy to start it – I want this kid to have a real stocking before his or her third Christmas!

Hopefully my energy remains. If it does, the stocking should be done by the end of the month!

And the test run with Kelsey, mike and Molly (formerly Zoey) went very well. When we walked over last night to check on all of them, they declared her a keeper. Cameron handed off the last off her puppy food and we said our goodbyes. Not that it was a forever goodbye. With her being across the street, we’ll get to see her grow up and probably arrange play dates between her and Tulley since the two of them got a long so well. It has been pretty quiet in our house since Sunday with no puppies wrestling around. I think Tulley knows they are gone, as she seems a little depressed and has been even more clingy to London. Yesterday and this morning, Tulley led me up to London’s room when it was time to get her up and whined at London until she was out of the crib. I could see her sleeping in London’s room once London moves to a big girl bed.

Sorry for the long post – guess it was an eventful weekend!


Toddler Tuesdays: Pajama & Teddy Bear Day Fail

I failed as an attentive mom today. All month I have been looking at the Froggy Room’s March Activities Calendar on the fridge, telling myself that I really needed to fish the April calendar out of the car and put it up instead.

I thought I had most major days covered and in my head – we brought in plastic eggs for the Easter Egg hunt. This Friday is Zoo day and Cameron is London’s appointed parent chaperone.

But when I dropped London off today, I noticed her friend Evan was still in his PJs. And that’s when I realized it was Pajama day. When I checked the calendar next to the classroom door, I realized it wasn’t just Pajama Day – it was also Teddy Bear day! And that’s how I turned Cameron into “mean daddy” as he put it.

As soon as I realized my mistake, I called Cameron for help, since he’s working from home today so he can take Tulley to the vet (we think she has a UTI), and asked him to bring in a pair of London’s PJs and her stuffed Tulley Dog that she sleeps with every night into the day care.

As soon as he could sneak away for a break, he was there with said items. Seeing Dad there, London assumed it was time to go home, so she started waving and saying goodbye. Cameron’s report back to me upon his telling London that she was staying was that she burst into tears, just streaming down her face. I know she loves her time at daycare, but I also get her confusion – when we show up, it does mean time to go (usually) and I know she still lacks the concept of time, so to her she had been there a whole day. Poor baby.

That will teach me to put the calendar up in a timely fashion and study it ahead of time! Ahh mommy lessons learned the hard way.


Apr 23, 2012

Food Dyes and Fake Blueberries

I recently mentioned that we have to be careful with London and candy all because she has a food dye sensitivity. Mainly, after ingesting Red or Blue dye, she breaks out with a knarly and painful looking diaper rash – the girl will run for her life to avoid having her diaper changed and will cry the entire time she’s being cleaned. The only way to clear this up is a combination of baths and Desitin diaper cream.

Cameron and I both read an article on Yahoo a while back about how when you buy a product that says it has blueberries in it, such as Eggo’s Blueberry pancakes, the reality is that there really isn’t blueberries in the product, or there may be some, but could also include red and blue dyes. You can read the article here.

At the time, it wasn’t anything that concerned us. If we wanted true blueberries waffles or pancakes, we would just make them from scratch. And reading this information also didn’t stop us from purchasing Eggo’s Blueberry waffles at Costco one time, as we were finding waffles were quick weekend breakfast selections for London.

The first day London had a bite of these waffles was shortly thereafter and she’d actually only had 3 bites because the blueberry waffles were mine – I had fed her the last of the mini waffles. That evening she had the knarly diaper rash and Cameron and I both speculated it must have been an allergic reaction to something she ate, but what? The thought of the blueberry waffles never crossed my mind, she’d had so little of it.

The next weekend, I fed London her own blueberry waffle. Sure enough, by late afternoon the rash had reappeared. That’s when Cameron and I dissected what she ate and determined it must be the waffles. So now we have a freezer full of Blueberry waffles that we don’t dare eat in front of London.

Then we went rash free for a while. Until London had Jello at daycare for the St. Patrick’s Day party – Jello I had prepared. It hadn’t occurred to me to worry about Jello. But Saturday morning, the day after, she had the rash. That’s when we decided she was really sensitive to the dyes and needed to be much more mindful of her intake of such colors.

We’ve since had to educate the daycare on the issue - when we first tried to explain it to them, it was because they were serving her blueberry pancakes. They didn’t grasp that it was dyes, not blueberries she had an issue with. We even had to get a doctor’s note to put the sensitivity on record with them. And they have not always been cognizant of it, as she came home with that same rash over Easter Weekend – I’m sure she had something with the dye from their Easter party – maybe a frosted sugar cookie.

I definitely hope this is something London grows out of, as she will be quite limited in what she can have when it comes to sweets – but maybe that’s not such a bad thing, either.


Apr 18, 2012

Baby on Board!

So I send out an email last Tuesday announcing that Cameron and I are expecting a sibling for London in October and promise to get the peanut ultra sound pic scanned and uploaded to the blog...

And then nothing - nothing happens at all.

Sorry but a nasty viral head cold had me sidelined for days. Even Cameron had something nasty going on. I felt horrible at work all day Wednesday and spent Thursday and Friday dead in bed. And now I owe you all kinds of updates.

First, the Pregnancy, and Pending Arrival of Baby #2
I will try to dedicate Wednesdays to the new baby and pregnancy as best I can (the first post is already up). I have to warn you all, this child has stolen almost all my energy and between London, work and the puppies, the rest is mostly taken. Poor Cameron is last on my list not because I want him to be but because he doesn't demand attention like the rest. Thank you for your patience, sweetie.

Besides being overly tired almost all the time (I go to bed much earlier these days including a Friday where I went to bed at 7:30 PM with London, woke up the next day at 7 AM and was still tired the entire day) and this nasty cold, I’ve mainly been plagued by headaches which can partly be attributed to allergies. Of course, they tell me I can take Claritin D but then after speaking with the doctor last Tuesday, was advised to take it only once a day, preferably less, and then after seeing a different doctor for my cold on Friday, advised not to take it unless it is absolutely necessary. So the cold is headed out but the headaches continue.

I’m also already showing enough to warrant maternity belly bands to hold my unbuttoned pants up as well as my maternity shirts to hide the belly bands! Luckily, I have not lost my appetite for meat, like I did with London, but the sweet tooth I had in my final trimester with London is already here. Some of that may be because of the headaches and the fact that I can feel when my blood sugar dips.

Second, Puppy Update
Amazingly, we only have two puppies at home – a female and a male. And while they are adorable, and I love them, we need to find homes for them quick - well at least one of them. Both Cameron and I waver on whether to keep one.  We are trying to train Shadow (formerly known as Spot as he has 4 white hairs on his chest - I finally talked Cameron out of the name) and Zoey, so that they don’t miss out on important training during such a critical time. Basically, we’re working on sitting, potty training to some extent and not jumping up, as well as eating when given the command - all things we worked with Tulley on the second she arrived home. It is definitely harder with two puppies.

As soon as we do off load these cuties we’ll be planning a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium as we are way over due in taking London there for the first time. She has gotten very used to visiting PetSmart because when we drive by she says “meow” as she knows that’s where we go to visit the kitties and fish. London has also recently mastered the fish pucker.

Third, and last, Swim Lessons Update
This last Saturday was London’s 3rd of 6 swim lessons. Cameron took her since I was more under the weather than he was while I stayed home and mustered some energy to get a little cleaning done – for about an hour we could see the surface of our kitchen Island!

London is still hesitant on blowing bubbles. Cameron's report this week was that she more “licked” the water than blew. And she isn’t quite interested in doing what she is supposed to during class – she really just likes being in the water and splashing around, even when her lips are blue and teeth chattering. As soon as we take her out at the end of class she is clamoring to get back in to the pool.


Baby Update Wednesday: 12 Weeks

I found a similar Baby Q&A like the one below on a blog I follow and I thought it would be fun to do something similar on our blog here to document the pending arrival of Cameron's and my second child. Hope you enjoy it too!

How far along: 12 weeks

What Fruit or Vegetable size is Baby: Plum

Baby's Average Size: 2.1 inches, .49 oz.

What’s going on with Baby's development: The baby is going into the growth and maturation stage where organs and tissues will grow and develop and the baby is developing reflexes. The baby is also opening and closing fingers and curling  toes.

Total weight gain: still only 3 lbs

Maternity clothes: Bebands (Belly bands) and maternity shirts – avoiding m,aternity pants for now, though they are ready on standby.

Stretch marks: None  from this kid yet but probably need to get the belly butter to combat any early.
Sleep: Getting up one to two times a night to use the bathroom. Enjoying the last month I technically can sleep on my back and do need a body pillow on occasion already.
Best moment of this last week: Not much – was sick with a head cold and because of baby could not take anything more than tylenol to ease the symptoms. Slept a lot.
Miss anything: My energy, wine and running

Movement: None yet and probably not for a little while still.
Food cravings: Watermelon and raspberry-flavored tea, gummy worms, rice with soy sauce

Anything making you queasy or sick: Just the allergy/sinus headaches I have been experiencing

Have you started to show yet: yep – waaay earlier than with London
Gender: still unknown – 8 weeks to go until we can find out

Labor signs: None and better not have any – this kid is a planned C-section the week of Oct. 22 right now.
Belly button in or out: In but its working its way out – already!

Wedding rings on or off: Engagement ring on, wedding band off - it was a little tight on the knuckle recently and I didn't want to fight putting it back on that morning. Will keep engagement ring on for as long as possible - we'll see how much I swell when summer's heat arrives.
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy mostly though I have my moody moments
Looking forward to in the next week: Getting some good sleep if my cough ever goes away

Toddler Tuesday: First Word Flash Cards

Note: Sorry, meant to get this up last night but ended up going to Kohl's for Spring/Summer clothes shopping for London instead. Glad that its spring but I swear the girl doesn't stop growing - London is in 3T clothing now!

No, Easter did not pass us by this year without any acknowledgement. Cameron’s mom, Joe and his stepbrother James and his family joined us for our now annual tradition of making homemade pizza for Easter. We’ve been doing this since we got married and, thinking we would be stuck at home with more than two puppies, made it clear that if family wanted to spend Easter with us, they’d have to come to us.

Cameron and I are not religious in any way, so in some ways Easter really is just another Sunday to us. But we also want London and our pending arrival to enjoy their childhoods so having the pizza making tradition and observing the Easter Bunny has become a part of our Easter.

Unfortunately, Cameron was already feeling the beginnings of our head colds on Easter morning (actually, Saturday night) so he didn’t get up until I was well into some necessary house cleaning, so London didn’t get her Easter Basket until that evening, after dinner and after every one had left. And ever since the strawberry milk/sugar high disaster from our trip to Disneyland, this basket did not contain a single ounce of sugar.

We also have to be careful with London and candy as we have discovered that she has an intolerance for certain food dyes – but I’ll talk about that some other time.

London’s Easter Basket contained several new coloring books, some new crayons, sunglasses, bubbles and some flash cards. Lately, I’ve been feeling like London may be a little behind in her vocabulary skills and had seen the daycare using flash cards. Basically the kid that says the word of the picture on the flash card gets to hold the card.

London instantly wanted to open the new box of flash cards when she saw them and then proceeded to throw them all over the floor.

But over the last week, after each time I have picked up all the cards and put them back in the box, London has brought me it to play with. I’ll take a few cards out and go through them with her, even if the activity only lasts 5 minutes. The girl definitely has her animal sounds down – now if I could just get her to say the animal name, like horse instead of nay, cat instead of meow, and cow instead of moo. What’s funny is she can say moo but won’t say moon. Instead she says nite nite when I show her the moon card. At least she has association going on. And hopefully soon we’ll start hearing more words and can better communicate with London because of it. It is amazing how much she does comprehend and I am told she will have a spurt around age 2 (which is less than two months away) so I’m crossing my fingers.

I also have a sneaking suspicion that she says more at daycare than at home because she knows she can get away with it.

~ Sarah

Apr 5, 2012

An Unexpected extra 30 minutes of Sleep

Thanks to the man that decided to take this crane for a reckless joyride last night, I got to sleep in an extra 30 minutes this morning. According to the article on KCRA.com some guy stole the crane and while trying to evade police, took down some power poles, around 1 AM.

Cameron and I both woke up to the electricity going out - the fan in our room had stopped and the router in his office was beeping. As I looked out the window, I could see that all of Anatolia and the neighborhood south of it was without electricity as well. Cameron got his phone, reported that it was about 1:30 AM and set an alarm for me at 6, the time I normally get up. I also remember waking up when it was still dark as the electricity came back on. And then I woke up and it was starting to get light outside.

At this point I knew either Cameron's alarm didn't go off or it had been set wrong. A quick look on my cell phone, after retrieving it from downstairs showed it was 6:24 AM. Oh well. I got ready at more normal pace and accepted that I'd be late to work. Cameron would discover he set the alarm for 6 PM - not AM. He helped by getting London up and ready and then ended up taking her into daycare for me so I could save another 10 minutes or so. I ended up getting to work 5 minutes past more usual time, and at which time I saw the article that told me why our power had gone out.

Had this happened a few nights before when we had rain and wind storms, we wouldn't have thought anything of this. But it was a clear and calm night last night, so we did find it strange and wondered why the power was out. To be honest, I enjoyed my extra 24 minutes and wasn't too thrown off by the delay. I noticed a neighbor of ours who often leaves just before I do that he was running late as well.

No biggee, just kind of funny to me and thought I'd share.


Apr 4, 2012

Swim Lessons

We started swim lessons on Saturday. And what a day to start them on. When we woke up that morning it was sunny. Cameron’s hunting buddy, Jason, had come down from Reno early that morning to pick out his puppy before we had to go. While they were outside with the pups, making the careful selection, the wind picked up. And as we packed up to head out for the big lesson, the sky was completely gray and the wind even worse.

We had to wait a few minutes before it was our turn to get into the pool, waiting for the parent/tot class before us to end. This was no small task with London. As soon as she saw the water she was itching to get near it. Good thing we’re teaching her to swim.

Finally it was our turn. I got in the water with her first. It was a bit colder than I expected. Cameron took video and pictures while I tried to show London how to blow bubbles in the water. She got water up her nose once or twice and resisted making bubbles for the most part. She just wanted to splash around. 15 minutes in (the class is only 30 minutes long) Cameron and I switched.

Showing London how to blow bubbles

That’s when I noticed it was pouring outside. The palm trees were being bent sideways. Hard to believe we were taking swim lessons. And thankful that our swim lessons were indoors. By the end of the class, London’s lips were purple. She’d spent her time with Cameron in the water kicking while on her tummy and kicking while on her back. She didn’t care for kicking on her back much. She just wanted to play with the pool toys. I was sure she’d want to get out when class was over. Nope. Purple lips and cold water won’t stop her, I guess. She loved it. And tried to jump back in after I had towel-dried her off.

London is probably the second oldest kid in her class. I’d say most are between 6 months to a year old and the class is almost completely full. I go back and forth on whether we should have done this last summer or not. Would she have been more open to bubble blowing? Understood it better? Be more natural? Or would it have been a waste of time and money? Guess we’ll never know. I’m also curious to see what the next 5 weeks have in store for us.

London was all about getting this ball - she forgot to kick most of the time!

Cameron put London in my sweatshirt to warm her up while they waited for me to change after the class. So cute!

Week 6 - Update

The puppies did great at their check-up and with their shots. The vet said they are all doing well. He actually said he was quite surprised all were doing so well and were healthy, as with a litter this size, that is normally not the case. He also said that the health of the litter is a statement about what good owners we are. (This is all hearsay from Cameron - I ended up sitting in the car during the whole appointment with London).

Another indicator was our recognizing something was wrong when Tulley's head would shake while nursing the pups, a sign of calcium deficiency. We caught it well before it became a problem and took the proper steps to combat it and fix it. The vet said he has had 3 dogs come in since Tulley's dozen were born, in emergency situations, with calcium deficiency. To be honest, I don't know how people wouldn't worry and let it get to an emergency situation. Tulley's head shaking was not normal to me and worried me from the get go.

Also, another friend who came to pick out his puppy on Saturday said the worst these pups will turn out to be will be great house dogs. He was amazed at how calm each one really is, especially for a lab puppy, but at the same time he knows both Tulley and Tucker and can't be that surprised.

Last night, all the puppies were pretty pooped out from their adventure to the vet. When we'd walk into the garage they'd barely get up and didn't even bark. They are all back to themselves this morning, Cameron reports. And soon they will be leaving us one by one. It's going to be so strange not to have a swarm of black some running at your every time you walk into the garage. Although, I'm sure Tulley will be happy to get back to her old routine of my feeding her first thing in the morning. I don't currently because I have to go into the garage to get to her food and that would mean waking the puppies, who would then make a ruckus until they got fed.


Apr 2, 2012

Week 6

Another week and these puppies start heading off to their forever homes! They have come a long way from Day 1, both in size and personalities. You can definitely tell which are going to be tall and which will be short. 

We take them in for their first shots today. I'm sure the vet and staff will love the visit. But the thought of corralling 12 puppies gives me a little bit of a headache. 

So far, we have 5 puppies spoken for. Cameron is also speaking with two other people, so that number could jump to 7 this weekend. He's going to be taking the unspoken for pups up to Reno this weekend for one of the people he is talking to, and hopefully show 3 or 4 more to others. Fingers crossed he doesn't come home with any (all there is one short, round and spunky little girl I've dubbed Eleanor after the Chipette that I wouldn't mind staying behind with me).