Mar 8, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up: A Baby Shower

This weekend included a busy Saturday that involved a trip up to Chico for the whole family. My parents and I headed up around 10 AM so that my mom and I could attend a baby shower for our family friend Emily. My dad had some errands to run around Chico while we were there and then we would all meet back up at Emily’s parents house, the Moffetts, to continue the party, as they had several family friends in town for the big event.

It was a beautiful shower that had the right mix of mingling, food and games. The shower started out with everyone sitting down to a nice lunch of soups, salads and artisan breads. This was a great way to really sit and talk, catch up and meet new people. After that we gathered in a circle around Emily to enjoy gourmet cupcakes and play a few games before Emily dove into the pile of gifts. Her soon-to-arrive son, Elijah’s nursery is Jungle-themed so you can guess the theme carried on through the gifts.

And as planned, we met up with my dad back at the Moffetts, along with Cameron and London. Cameron was able to come as Tulley is back to her old self and, for the most part, is able to handle the feeding of her pups on her own. This worked out well, as he was able to spend some time with London versus my dad or my mom and I having her while we were preoccupied with other things, which also meant a trip to see her Grammy and cousin Connor.

Bonnie had made her famous and delicious lasagna for the masses that evening. This is the same lasagna that had Cameron and I change plans on our wedding night from going to Sierra Nevada for a private dinner to attending the dinner for all our out of town guests at my parents home, since Bonnie had kindly took the time to make it back then too. The house was full of people, and for the first time in a long time, kids. There were 8 in all, so a big batch of mac and cheese was also made. Emily commented that it sort of felt like Christmases past with all the kids running around, except we weren’t the kids, and we could be outside on the deck with the warm spring weather we were fortunate to have that day.

While London was shy at first, this didn’t last long and before we knew it she was running around with the other kids. It was great that two of the kids were within months of London’s age and they got along fairly well.

But by 8 PM London was done and Cameron and I had to hurry through our goodbyes – thus the life of parents of a toddler, I guess. This was fine, as we had the two hour drive home and we are still somewhat exhausted given that we are still getting up once a night to let Tulley out, feed her and help her get situated with the puppies afterward. It will all be over soon though. My parents weren’t far behind us, and Bonnie had sent along some leftover lasagna and my favorite corn chowder (as that was one of the soups served at the shower). We’re still enjoying the yummy left overs.


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