Mar 27, 2012

Week 5

It' s beginning to be hard to believe that the puppies are 5 weeks old already.  The four that have been picked out by their new owners can start going home on Easter Sunday! It helps that we no longer have to get up in the middle of the night to regulate a feeding. In fact, Tulley isn't feeding the pups at all any more!

The puppies have even moved from eating a dry/wet food mixture to just moistened dry food, and even that is less and less each day. They'll soon be completely on dry food. It seems since we took them off Tulley and placed them on real food they have started to double in size day after day.

The only issue we have run into now is the weather and moving these pups outdoors. Friday evening after work we were able to bring all the pups, Tulley and London out back to enjoy a little fresh air. Cameron also removed the barrier within the whelping box to give the pups the entire run of it - helps Tulley isn't in there at all any how. 

These pictures were taken during that little outing and the puppies sure had fun tackling London. It's also hilarious to hear London try and order them around and say "No puppy no". Did you know last Friday was National Puppy Day? Neither did we, until Matt & Lynde asked to come over and see the pups. 

Saturaday we had two people come over and select puppies and another family came Sunday to choose theirs. We now have 1 male and 3 females selected. Hopefully the rest go soon, as we do have some more interested. 

Who could resist these faces any way?

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  1. Julie Henderson28/3/12 11:36 AM

    Hi there, I was looking at the pictures and I couldn't find my little girl with her green collar. Were these taken before I chose her? I also wanted to know if I could come and visit next week as I am on spring break? Lastly, what kind of Purina dog food is it that you are feeding her?