Mar 20, 2012

Week 4

The puppies are 1 month old. In another month, we hope they are all in their new homes. Pick of
the litter was made this last weekend, so we’re off to a good start. The pick went to a long-legged male, who has a white stripe on his chest and fell asleep in his new mommy’s chest. It was just meant to be. Good thing too, as this was the one Cameron was eyeing for himself. Better to have him picked so we are less inclined to keep one.

All of the pups are getting so big. And as of last Thursday night, we have successfully replaced one meal of Tulley’s milk with a mixture of dried puppy food and wet canned food. I think we’ll try to replace a second meal of Tulley’s milk with this recipe tomorrow, as poor Tulley is just not interested in feeding them much anymore. She tries to escape every time we go to switch the puppies during a feeding and she can’t wait to be done each session and get back into the house with the rest of us. Not that I can blame her much, what with those sharp little teeth that they have now.

As you can see, there is a process involved with the feeding. First goes in the dried food, followed by the wet. Then we add a little water and mix it all together before placing the puppies in with it. As you can see, it gets a little crazy. The good thing is they all took to real food pretty quickly. Unfortunately, they’re also not that graceful around food, with some laying across the entire pie dish of food while they eat.

Which is why we are bathing these kids at least once a week right now. I have a feeling this is going to increase as time goes on or until they figure out they can eat without laying in their food. You can definitely tell when they are getting ripe.
This next set of pictures shows the bathing process in the kitchen sink. We bring them in one by one. I wash them in a soapy mixture of water and then rinse in running warm water. Cameron dries them off, let’s them say hi to mama and then takes them back to the bull pen in the garage and grabs another. Unfortunately, I think our days are numbered using the kitchen sink. They’re getting so big, we will likely have to move the process to a bath rub next week.

And they are definitely pretty darn cute these days. We can’t help but go out there and pet, cuddle and kiss them every so often. Even London loves going out there and giving them a gentle pat and kiss when she is helping us.
It will be hard to part with all of them and even harder not to keep one. Hopefully this weekend, more of the pups will be spoken for as well.


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