Mar 13, 2012

Week 3

The puppies turned 3 weeks old on Sunday. This is a bit hard to believe given we feel they should be sooo much older. The late nights and interrupted sleep every night gives rise to these thoughts.

They have more than doubled in size since birth, which is causing Tulley to be overwhelmed when all 12 of them attack her to eat, which has us regulating the number that can feed on her at a time and for how long. This means that for an hour each night we are up when we should be sleeping to make sure everyone gets their fill. We try to sleep during the half hours of actual feeding time, but it’s not easy to fall back to sleep after waking up and having to function for 5 to 10 minutes only to know that you’re getting back up in 30 minutes to do it all over again.

We’re also trying to supplement where we can which usually means Cameron and I give the pups a good bottle feeding right before bed. This was fun Sunday night when we were bottle feeding and the pups waiting to be fed were lined up in the box looking up at us versus trying to get in with Tulley. They know that we equal food in some form or another. Just one of us going into the garage when Tulley is not out there can get them riled up. Of course, they are typical labs and act like they are starving when they are not.

And if we don’t have the baby gate up, they can get in with Tulley. Friday night and once Saturday I found 1 to 3 pups in with her before a planned and needed feeding. Which meant the baby gate is up permanently when we don’t want them to feed. That and a piece of wood, as in the middle of the night Monday night when I went to start the feeding, I found the gate on Tulley and one puppy feeding on her. Cameron would find the gate on Tulley a half hour later and two puppies stuck between the gate and the wall, trying to find Tulley. They are persistant. Hopefully, all this is helping Tulley to not feel so overwhelmed. That and getting to sleep with us the last couple of nights until the middle of the night feedings.

Did I mention the pups are getting teeth? Yeah, that can’t feel good. I felt some teeth Saturday night during the bottle feeding, but they weren’t sharp yet, just there. Sunday night, they were sharp. Which meant Cameron made a stop at Petsmart on Monday to get wet puppy food. We’re going to start bringing the puppies in one by one to work on transitioning them to real food and to adjust to being away from the pack, which will better prepare them to go to their new homes alone.
With the stormy weather expected over the next week, it looks like the puppies will not be moving outside next weekend as planned. To be honest, I feel better having them in the garage then outside. There are too many things like coyotes and hawks to keep me up at night worrying about their safety, even if they are inside a dog house and pin with Tulley. Plus, I hate the thought of Tulley sleeping outside – she was so comfortable on our bed the other night. Cameron came to bed to find me passed out with my new body pillow and Tulley flat on her back snuggled up next to the pillow. He wasn’t sure there was any room for him.

On Sunday, we took four of the pups outside for this photo session. They weren't too sure about it at all - that and it was a bit cold and they knew some of their siblings were missing. The puppies are starting to not sleep all the time and are getting playful. so I'm sure they will enjoy the outdoors soon, once this storm system passes.

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