Mar 6, 2012

Toddler Tuesdays: A Trip to the Zoo

My parents have been in town for the last week. The main reason for the visit was so my mom could attend a family friend’s baby shower. More on that in another post coming soon (I promise!). But since both of my parents have some time to spare these days, they thought they’d come early and stay a little longer to help us out with London and the puppies. So while Saturday was packed with the to-dos of the baby shower, Sunday was a day for the whole family to relax.

Being that Fairytale Land in the Land Park area of Sacramento was celebrating Dr. Seuss’s 100th Birthday, I’d thought it would be fun to head over there and see what Fairytale Land is all about. Except that we never made it.

We had a late start to the day, with all of us recovering from the previous day’s events. Cameron and I recently talked about getting a Sacramento Zoo membership and with the Zoo next door to Fairytale Land, we thought we would check into it. Plus, we thought we could get a membership that included access to Fairytale Land. Well, the Zoo membership did not include such access and to purchase the membership, we had to head into the zoo so we thought we might as well give it our full effort and make the grand tour first.

We spent the next few hours wandering and checking out the animals. London had a blast and was the most entertained by the Zoo than she ever has been. And this was the first time we’ve been to the zoo since the new Fresh Water Otter exhibit opened. I participated in last year’s Zoo Zoom 5K which raised money for this exhibit so it was fun to see where my money had gone. I’m going to take part in this year’s 10K in April to help the zoo out some more.

But by the time we left, we were all ready for naps, particularly London, and we didn’t want to push it. So we’re saving Fairytale Land for another day, possibly soon, if the beautiful spring weather that we had on Saturday and Sunday returns soon (today is sunny but chilly and VERY windy).

One thing we did work on with London while at the zoo, was wearing a hat and her sunglasses. In the car she kept taking the sunglasses off and putting them on top of her head like I do when I don’t need them to protect my eyes. And at first she kept taking her hat off. But she caught on quick, and even put her hat on yesterday when my dad took her for a walk. I only wish we’d taught her from infancy to wear such protective necessities. She is my little porcelain baby after all (she inherited my complexion).

Sadly, my parents head home tomorrow, and I don’t know what London is going to do. I’m sure she will be happy going back to daycare and seeing all her little friends but she has had a blast with her grandparents as well. My parents got in last Wednesday in time to come with me to pick London up from daycare and see the center. London always gets excited to see me when I arrive but this time she got especially excited when she saw Grandma and Grandpa follow me in and then pushed past me into Grandma’s arms when we reached the door to the toddler room. It’s so heart-warming to see that she now can connect the faces from the computer to the people in person.


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