Mar 27, 2012

Toddler Tuesdays: Slacking in the Mother Department

Yes, I’ve been slacking lately when it comes to mothering London lately. I haven’t planned any activities for her when we are home on the weekends and we’ve been home. The puppies kind of require us to be. This will all change starting Saturday and running for the next 6 weeks as London and I are about to embark on Swim Lessons!

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For 30 minutes every Saturday through the beginning of May, we will be attending the Swimstitute’s  parent & tot classes for children ages 6 months through 24 months. It’s an indoor, heated pool so weather will not be an issue.

To prepare, London and I purchased some new swimsuits at Target and I ordered a reusable swim diaper on Amazon. Apparently, the Swimstitute’s experience is that the disposable kind don’t hold up to the water for that long and burst. I’ve heard and somewhat seen what happens when a diaper bursts and its not pretty so we decided not to risk it.

London's new swimsuit from Target

I’m so excited for us to spend this time together and to see how London reacts to the water. She loves water currently. We are very blessed that she wants to take baths. We actually have to spell the word around her if we aren’t about to go give her one as she will take off running for the stairs and throw a tantrum if not taken upstairs immediately to take a bath. It’s pretty adorable. Her favorite is when she gets a bubble bath, as bubbles are her favorite whether they are in the bath, being blown from a toy or reading about them in her favorite book.

I chose a plain white reusable swim diaper so as not to detrack from London's new swimsuit - they do come in quite a wide variety of colors and patterns on Amazon. This one was $10.
I just wonder how she will handle the cooler water. It may be heated, but the water is still at a lower temperature than the bath water. I’m also curious to see the ages of the other kids in class and how many there will be. They limit it to 8 “couples” per session. Hopefully, there aren’t that many and that the kids are closer in age to London than a 6 month old.

I’d considered taking these classes last summer with London but eventually decided against due to time restrictions on weekends and London’s age. I just wasn’t sure she would benefit from it as much as at an older age. Only time will tell. Cameron is going to go along as well and I’ll have him take pictures for the blog this weekend.

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