Mar 13, 2012

Toddler Tuesdays: Little Miss Bossy Pants

London developed a cute, though somewhat “demanding” habit while my parents were here – maybe she was doing this at day care already or just loving the attention from her grandparents, but she has gotten into the habit of grabbing your hand or a few fingers and pulling you to where her toys are in the family room and saying “sit”, pointing her finger to the spot she wants you to sit. Sometimes, after you have sat, she goes and gets a book and curls up in your lap, or gets some other toy that she wants to play with, with you. Other times, she sits down first and pats her hand on the floor insistently until you sit next to her, again to read or play with a toy. She even will pat the floor, couch, bed where she wants one of the animals, usually Jake, to come and sit. To her dismay, Jake usually doesn’t oblige her.

It’s completely endearing, but at the same time, there have been times I just need to sit in our comfy sofa chair or lay on the sofa, not on the floor. And I think it’s important London learns to play by herself as much as we play with her. I’d also like her to learn to say please, versus demanding, and to learn that asking please will not always get her what she wants. I know, a lot to ask for from my busy toddler.

She doesn’t need attention 24/7 like she thinks she does. We worked on this on Sunday, which resulted in a lot of tantrums and a lot of time-outs. It was a very trying day on all of us. Luckily, yesterday she was a pleasant dream of a child going along and not protesting all the errands we had to run after work and then going to bed without resistance (albeit an hour past her normal bedtime – thank you Daylight savings). I think the weekend had worn her out just as much as it had us.

BTW – I apologize for the lack of photos. I have a puppy update and pictures for you, but our home computer is on the fritz, which Cameron is working to fix, but makes getting anything done on it incredibly hard until he does. We think some spyware got on it somehow as my email was recently hacked and Norton has been rendered useless.


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