Mar 12, 2012

Motherhood Mondays: Depression after Weaning

Today I wanted to share something I recently read in two places: Depression after Weaning. I’d never before heard of it until I read this first blog post by Joanna Goddard, author of the Cup of Jo blog, one of my favorite blogs to follow. She was so nervous to share the depression she experienced for two months after weaning her son Toby from breast feeding. She never connected the dots until after the depression had ended and she’d gotten her period. The Huffington Post did a similar story and actually interviewed Joanna for the piece.

You hear about Post-partum depression all throughout your pregnancy and in news headlines after a famous star has experienced it. But never had I heard about this kind of depression. And while I was fortunate after having London to not experience either of these, I think it’s still important to be aware for myself in the future and for my friends who are starting or increasing their families. So this is me doing what I can to pass this information on. Please read both pieces.

Judging by the overwhelming amount of comments Joanna received from her post, she definitely is not alone in this kind of depression.


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