Mar 7, 2012

2 Weeks Old

The puppies are now 2 weeks old and bigger than ever. On Sunday, their little eyes started to open, which has helped their mobility tremendously. Before they were taking wobbly first steps, but not being able to see, a type of vertigo appears to be happening and they’d fall to the side and roll over. Each day since their eyes have opened, their walking has gotten better.

The excited movement that ensues when its feeding time does seem to overwhelm Tulley a bit as she can’t lay down fast enough without sitting or laying on a few and she doesn’t want to step on them. Just the other morning when I was trying to help her, about 4 swarmed my foot to try and eat. Obviously, their sight has some improving to do.

We are also having to clean their whelping box more often and have found that we need to clean them about once a week at this point as they do pee and poop on each other. They were smelling pretty ripe Monday night so after London went to bed my mom, dad, Cameron and I had an assembly line to clean each puppy under warm water in the sink, then towel dry them off, and then get them feeding on Tulley or by bottle. While Tulley has plenty of milk, with the puppies being so much bigger, the smaller ones can still get pushed to the side and not get as much, so we’re still bottle feeding intermittently when we can, and then only the small ones.


We are now gearing up to work on a larger pen for them to hang out in as their mobility improves and I think Cameron, Tulley and I are all looking forward to the day they are off the milk and onto the real food. Then Tulley will be looking forward to rejoining us on the bed, though she’ll have to fight Jake for room, as he has returned to sleeping with us in her absence.


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