Feb 1, 2012

We’re Expecting…PUPPIES!

The Mama-to-be!

I’ve been dropping little hints about this exciting news for a while now – Cameron going hunting without Tulley and a trip to Reno by Cameron without any explanation to name a few. Or the fact that she’s been sleeping like a log lately. But we didn’t want to say anything until the doctor officially confirmed it for us, which happened Saturday. We even got to see 3 puppies on the Ultrasound, and that was only on one side, so we’re probably looking at 5 to 8 puppies, with most likely 6 coming our way.

Tulley is due around February 22, give or take 3 days on either side (or so we’ve been told). She’s getting huge too. Every morning she looks bigger than she was the day before. And she probably is. She’s gained 15 lbs in two months even with not eating for 4 days!

We are completely excited and have quite a bit of work to do to get ready for the puppies’ arrival. This includes cleaning up our garage and creating Tulley’s nest so she can get used to sleeping in there at night and get comfortable with it so she’ll want to give birth there. Our fear is that she decides our bed is the place for this, but the plan is that when we are not at home and at night near the due date, she will be in her “nest”. Not sure how she’s going to take the change since she’s been sleeping between us since she was just a pup herself.
Just look at that belly!
I’m also a bit more nervous about her labor and delivery than my own. Our doctor said there shouldn’t be an issue – more than anything we’ll just wake up to puppies, but he also told us what to look for should we be around for the event and when we should consider going to the vet. Lucky for us, our vet is part of the VCA Emergency Clinic so we know exactly where to go at any time of the day.

We are also quite pleased that there is so much interest in Tulley’s puppies. I don’t think we’ll have much of an issue selling them off – even our vet told a patient about her possible pregnancy, what a good looking and well behaved dog she is and that patient is interested if there are any we are looking for homes for. Time will tell, but we definitely would like to be able to find homes through word of mouth rather than place an ad.

We know anyone that is referred to us will provide a loving home for our baby’s babies. Yes, you heard that right. Tulley is our baby just as much as London is. Then again, all our animals are our other babies, but there is something special between Tulley and me.


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