Feb 8, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up: Super Bowl Weekend

Sorry for the long post, but it was a crazy busy weekend for us with a lot going on and I just can’t find a good place to split it up

Super Bowl Weekend started a little early for me and not in a good way. Both Monday and Tuesday nights last week we were kept up a couple of hours each night by a coughing little girl. My rule with coughs when it comes to seeking out the doctor is that it has lasted 3 or more weeks or is keeping us up at night (great advice taken from my dad!). Two nights up = a trip to see the doc. I left work early on Wednesday to take London in. And as usual she was prescribed some antibiotics and this time he suggested we start her on Children’s Liquid Claritin since her symptoms presented more like allergies.

What I haven’t mentioned is that starting Tuesday, Cameron and I both admitted to having scratchy throats ourselves. Usually a scratchy throat just passed us over without much fuss, minus a lot of water drinking. Not this time. By Wednesday evening I was more than just under the weather. I woke up Thursday with a burning throat and proceeded to spend all day Thursday and Friday morning in bed. This meant no cleaning was accomplished before the busy weekend started, making it even busier.

At least I had the sense to cancel my Friday night plans with some girl friends. Cameron was lucky he had 4-hour trainings in the middle of the day on Wednesday and Thursday so he could stay home and not miss work at the same time. He was one day ahead of me in the symptoms and yucky feelings. Luckily, London was fine besides the cough and clear runny nose so she was at day care, which meant all I had to do was sleep and take care of myself.

But of course, Friday night came too quickly thanks to my state of unconsciousness. And we were hosting Super Bowl at our house on Sunday. By Friday night the count of people coming was at 28, 31 counting us. That meant we needed to get our loft in shape to have a second TV set up. The plan was to have kids and those not all that interested in watching the game downstairs chatting and playing, and those that really wanted to see the game upstairs.

Did I mention Friday afternoon Cameron and I headed to Costco to purchase a second TV for this event? He’s been saving and wanting to buy this new TV for years now, but whenever the time came to purchase it, he’d talk himself out of it. Cameron would always say there really wasn’t a need for it yet. 31 people at our house for a major TV event? Timefor the new TV.
We set up the new, bigger TV downstairs and moved our old one upstairs. We then proceeded to re-arrange the loft area. Cameron even helped me hang the shelf in the laundry room so that project is almost complete. The problem was, we didn’t have much energy for anything else, like cleaning.

Saturday I had plans in Yuba City to attend a baby shower, that I had also been asked to help set up for. I left earlier than necessary to stop in at Costco to get the drinks I was providing for the shower (and then taking home the leftovers for use during the party the next day), grab some flowers to help decorate for the shower and then stop in at California Family Fitness in Fair Oaks to pick up my race packet for the Super Bowl Sunday 10K I had signed up for but now wasn’t planning on running given my current state of health – I just wanted to get the shirt that I’d paid for since it was a nice, weather-wicking one.

Costco was a breeze since it was early enough in the day. California Fitness, not so much. First I had to sign in to get into the building since I wasn’t a member. Than, the organizer’s weren’t prepared for all the people – they had two people working to hand out bibs and shirts and at 12:05 (5 minutes after they offered early packet pick-up) they had 50-plus people lined up waiting. After standing in line for 15 minutes and only moving up 3 people in line, I had to leave or I wouldn’t make it to the shower in time. Which meant, in order to get my shirt that I’d paid for, I’d need to run in the race the next day!

The shower was wonderful. Mama Nicole got some adorable outfits for her and Aaron’s pending arrival. They’re expecting a little boy and it became quite apparent that the current trend in little boy’s clothes is Monkeys. I’d say 75% of the clothes she got had Monkeys on them. And surprisingly it was also a quick shower. Before I knew it I was on my way home, but not before I’d invited more people to the party on Sunday – I’d run into a wife of one of Cameron’s fraternity brothers who doesn’t live too far away. She said she’d get back to me the next morning.

As soon as I got home I pulling up my sleeves to get to cleaning. I don’t think I have ever cleaned as thoroughly or quickly as I did that evening. By the time I went to bed, I only had a few things to do in the kitchen and to vacuum the stairs. It did help when Cameron began to pitch in, taking over the majority of the vacuuming and straightening up London’s toys in the front room.
And I’m glad I ran the 10K Sunday morning. I was feeling much better and the run felt really good. Cameron was amazed I was home as soon as I was – it only took me an hour and 12 minutes to run the 6.2 miles (possibly a personal best).

But, as soon as I got home we were back to cleaning and setting up for the party. For the first time in a long time, all the cleaning I had wanted to accomplish was complete and I was cleaning up with even my hair done and down when the first guests arrived around 1:15. By the end of the 1st Quarter everyone had arrived and we had 35 people in our house. Thank goodness for the upstairs set up or we would have been crammed downstairs.

Also, with the weather as beautiful as it was, we were able to push the kids out into the backyard until it got dark. The spring-like weather also meant that we could open the windows and keep the AC off. You can imagine how warm it was getting between all the bodies and energy, as well as the oven going for half the game warming up various dishes brought by everyone. We had quite the smorgasbord of chips, dips, poppers, nachos and more.

I didn’t actually watch any of the game, which was fine by me. I did miss all the commercials which I usually enjoy, but I was having too much fun catching up with everyone. At the end of the day, Cameron and I realized that every one that had come was related to one of his fraternity brothers – in all 11 of Cameron’s fraternity brothers were in attendance. That’s more than the number that attended our wedding! After everyone left (the last around 9 PM, I think) Cameron, London and I all called it a night.

We’ve been spending out evenings this week picking up in the aftermath. Not that it’s that bad – I always like to have the house clean before a party because it seems that much easier to pick up and clean afterward. We’re just tired so we do a little each night.

But now we need to turn our focus onto Tulley and her pending delivery, which will involve picking up the garage and constructing a whelping box. The poor girl is getting bigger by the day and looks miserable most of the time. She’s really not going to like it when she has to start sleeping in the garage. At the same time it’s amazing she’s still able to jump onto our bed at night. More pictures are coming.


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