Feb 15, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up: Stuck in a Ditch

Not too much to report from our weekend. London was home sick Friday from Daycare, so I was home too. Her not feeling well led to several sleepless nights. Saturday found us in Chico – I had a hair appointment and Cameron had to help take down the blind from this hunting’s lackluster hunting season so London spent the day with her Grammy.

Cameron did have me thinking he was dead in a ditch somewhere later that day, when I hadn’t heard from him nor had I been able to get a hold of him for 1 ½ hours past the time we had planned to meet back up after said activities. I think he understood I was upset out of concern & love when I explained why I was so upset. Hopefully he remembers this and gets better at communicating the next time something like this happens.

By Saturday night, we were both so exhausted we couldn’t make it through half of Transformers. And then proceeded to wake up Sunday feeling like we hadn’t gotten any sleep thanks to London’s crying throughout the night.

Not that we didn’t have anything to do on Sunday. With puppies about a week and a half away, we were under the gun to get the garage picked up and the whelping box built. Cameron powered through and did succeed in picking up and re-organizing the garage and even got half the whelping box build and planted the rest of my daffodil bulbs in some spare planters we had lying around. We should have some blooms soon!

By Monday night, Cameron had the box finished thanks to some help from Matt. That is, it was done minus some cut-outs for Tulley to walk in and out of it and a heat source for her and the pups. Cameron completed that last night, and Tulley spent her first night away from us - I think she was really happy to see me this morning, too. She forgot to eat!

Nothing exciting for this weekend either. I’ve got a girls night planned with Lynde to see The Vow on Thursday and Cameron & I have dinner plans with some ToughMudder friends on Friday. Cameron is probably heading up to Reno this weekend to get his mounted Buck head. And London and I will stay at home to keep Tulley company. The puppies are so close we don’t want to be away for long periods of time at all. With it being a long weekend, I’ll probably continue January’s deep cleaning resolution and I may try to start taping off a wall for another painting project.

~ Sarah

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