Feb 19, 2012

Tulley's Dozen

Thursday night we noticed Tulley was leaking something so for her second night in her whelping box, we took her away from her bed and made her sleep in the area we wanted her to have the puppies in. We also set up London's baby monitor in the garage, just in case. But my best guess was that she'd have the puppies on Saturday or Sunday, mainly because Cameron has plans on each day this weekend that would take him up to Biggs and therefore, be at least an hour drive away.

Well, true to form, after putting London down for a nap Saturday mid-morning, I noticed Tulley's breathing was labored on the monitor. Upon inspection, she was in fact having a contraction. And she'd have one for Lynde. And then nothing. Until about 6 PM. We checked on Tulley off and on all day. For the most part she was just resting and lying down most of the time. Good thing. At 9 PM, over the monitor, after Cameron and I both thought it wasn't going to happen, we heard the first squeak. Sure enough, puppy #1 was born.

Around 12-12:30, Tulley had six pups and was settling in for a snooze. We figured she was done and had expected about 6 based on the ultrasound a few weeks earlier. Around 1:15 AM I was back in to check as one of the pups was squealling a bit more. That's when I discoved 7 pups and we assumed an 8th would show up. A little bit later, sure enough there were 8. Somewhere in there I fell asleep until another squealling woke me up at 3 AM. The count this time? 9! And just as I was about to head back in, #10 was born! She had to be done, right. We slept for the most part from 3 AM to 6:30 AM when Cameron got up to head back to Biggs for Sunday morning. I heard him say something over the monitor, but couldn't make it out. When I got downstairs and into the garage, Cameron said they'd doubled - Tulley now had 12 puppies! And look exhausted.

We felt like we were experiencing a real life 101 Dalmations scenario! Lucky, she was done at 12. Tulley is doing well, and with the help of Lynde, I was able to get the birth-soaked blanket out from underneath them all and get Tulley out to go potty and walk around. After that, mam instinct took over and she laid down to let pups eat. Periodically, I hear littel hunger squeals over the monitor and go in to find the pup in question. I help the pup get to mom. Those finished eating find their way to be under the heat lamps, and currently all 12 are asleep and Tulley is getting some peace. I'm sure she'll feel much better once she gets a shower.

What a roller coaster!


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