Feb 14, 2012

Toddler Tuesday: Happy Valentine's Day!

With it being Valentine’s Day I wanted to make sure this Toddler Tuesday post was in line with the holiday. And so London and I set out last week to make Valentine’s Day cards for her Grandparents and Daddy. While the gifts haven’t been received yet (the cards are in the mail) Cameron watched this process unfold so he won’t be too surprised when I get London to hand him his card from her tonight and the grandparents who read this will have something to look forward to in the mail soon.

I first started out looking for cute sayings online that could be written inside each card. For the Grandparents, I found:

Blowing Kisses Your Way this Valentine’s Day

This saying instantly made me think of Xs and Os and thus the idea behind the card design was born. London loves tearing things up, particularly magazine pages, so I gathered up some spare tissue paper I had lying around that were appropriate in color – pink and purple. I also added in a sheet of yellow as it added a little something extra to the color combination. And then I let London go crazy:

Once we had shredded the tissue paper into small pieces, I sat London down at the table with a piece of printer paper, the tissue, Elmer’s Glue and a painting sponge. I started her off with the glue and showed her how to use the sponge with glue on it to glue down the tissue.

This lasted for about 10 minutes before she decided she wanted to eat the glue off the sponge. Good thing for non-toxic glue!

I finished up for London by getting the tissue paper even more glued down and adding the Xs and Os. I just took the two fridge magnets and traced them onto a few sheets of spare scrapbooking paper.
After cutting each letter out, I glued them to the tissue paper sheet and cut that sheet into 4 card fronts.

Using two sheets of spare blue scrapbook paper, cut in half and folded in half again, I glued a piece of the tissue paper sheet to each. And that made up the card. Then I put in my amended saying:

Blowing Kisses (and Hugs) Your Way this Valentine’s Day. Love, London.

So yes, I did a lot of the work, but London was involved in the fun parts and as she gets older she will be able to do more and more herself. I did try to get her to draw on some white paper in purple, pink and yellow crayons one day to include on the inside, but she wasn’t feeling very artistic at the time and was more interested in re-arranging her Disney DVDs. In the end, London had a blast ripping up the tissue paper and gluing it down and the grandparents (and Daddy) get a little something from her today (or tomorrow).


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