Feb 13, 2012

Motherhood Mondays: Too Much Moo

We have a battle raging in our house right now. A battle of wills. Cameron and I versus London. The litte girl wasn't feeling well Thursday night and by Friday morning was suffering from a fever. She refused to eat much and only wanted her moo (read: milk - in our house its called moo because that's what London calls it). By the end of the day, we'd realized she'd barely eaten but had probably drank half a gallon of moo. At first we assumed she wanted to drink more because her throat hurt like ours had last week, but by the end of the day it was just too much even for a sore throat.

Saturday we couldn't do too much about this as we had plans that involved London spending most of the day with her Grammy who did try to feed her. The report back was that much of any food offered ended up on the floor. Which meant we spent yesterday battling with London. We would only give her moo after a meal or before a nap or bed. And we succeeded, for the most part, but it made for a very looooong, whiny day. We were exhausted by the time we crawled into bed last night.

Of course, that's when London woke up. And proceeded to whine and whine. First, I went in to rock her. As soon as I closed the door she was crying again. And we tried to let her soothe herself. But Cameron couldn't resist any longer when we heard London cry "Mommy, Daddy". How could he not? This is a child who usually says Mama and Dada - not the words mommy and daddy. And she is soooo cute the way she placed emphasis on the mee and dee parts. So he rocked her. London lasted 10 minutes after Cameron came back to bed. So finally I hoofed it downstairs and filled a sippy 1/3 full of moo. And that was all she needed. Slept like a baby the rest of the night.

Cameron and I hatched a new plan of attack for our moo war as we fell asleep. First, we need to invest in some new sippy cups that have straws versus the sipping function - its too close to the bottle which London definitely used as a soothing mechism. And hopefully we can get her to consume water more often this way. I'll even offer her a little juice. Although so far she isn't a fan of juices (we know this is a blessing).

But any suggestions out there we might be able to steal on getting her to eat more and drink less moo? I know it's a weird problem to have but it's one we are faced with currently.


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