Feb 21, 2012

Motherhood Mondays: Puppy Love

Please bear with me, as I cannot garantee that my next few posts will be on time or make any sense. Sleep deprevation will be the culprit. With 12 puppies, Cameron and I need to help supplement their food intake and save Tulley's health. This means bottle feeding them every 2-3 hours for at least the next couple of days. Problem is, they don't like the formula and bottle over mama. Only one or two of the pups get their fill on the bottle. But Tulley's health is at stake so we will do whatever it takes to ensure she's ok.

Cameron took the crew to the vet this morning and all the pups got a clean bill of health, which is remarkable given how many of them there are. They all had their declaws removed as well. Tulley is ok right now but was prescribed more food, including wet to help with hydration and more calcium via 3-4 Tums a day.

To help Tulley relax, I took her away from the pups when I got home, slipping on her "in heat" diaper (since dogs are just like women after they give birth) and had her lay on the family room floor while I was petting her and giving her some much deserved love.

So again, please bear with me while we get through the next week.


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